Okay so your probably wondering what

is Chipotle? What is Mojo? No worries, mojo is actually a term given as a name to a wide variety of sauces; these sauces are usually either red, green, or orange in color, based on the type of chili used. Chipotle is actually a variety of flavor added into these sauces. Chipotle Mojo sauce is a common Tex Mex favorite and is used in a variety of dishes. Try it on some chicken wings, or make a spread and put in on your favorite sandwich. Use your creativeness to add that distinct, smoky, chipotle flavor to your foods. Chipotle is a jalapeno based chili that has been left to over-ripen, to the point of the once green chili, turning red. This pepper is then picked and then smoked, for days, over a fire, until it has completely dried up and shriveled. After days of this heat and fire method, it is then processed for this particular sauce, or mojo. Due to the fire process, this little pepper adds a unique bold, smoked, yet hot and fiery flavor to any dish. Our Goya Chipotle Mojo is conveniently prepared for you with just the right combination of flavors and comes as a quick and ready to use marinade. It is low in fat, calories, and in cholesterol and comes in a 24 oz size. Again, like all our products, its easy to use! Just pour a little of our chipotle sauce over your favorite meats, poultrys, or other favorite dishes and let this fine combination of flavor and seasoning and juices soak in. Cook as usual and enjoy!

Goya Chipotle Mojo 24 oz

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goya chipotle mojo 24 oz



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