Goyas delicious black beans now come

onveniently packaged and ready to use in a can. Goya Black Bean Soup Can comes in a 15 ounce size and with an easy to open lid. Goya Black Bean Soup Can is still made with the finest grade back beans but now without all the fuss and time of required for the regular dry beans. Goya Black Bean Soup requires no pre-soaking or washing, and excessive cooking is not necessary. These black beans come prepared and ready to go, great for those in a hurry and need a last minute dinner idea. No overnight soaking necessary. Users say that Goya Black Bean Soup can tastes just as great as the regular black beans and provides an earthy, rich, full flavor. Goya Black Bean Soup Can is quick and convenient as can be substituted in any bean recipe and used in place of the regular dry beans. Canned beans, if stored properly, have a shelf life of one year and have less chance of infestation or going bad versus regular dry beans. Once opened, however they should be refrigerated and used within five days. Goya Black Bean Soup Can still provides a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients. They are high in magnesium, fiber and are soluble. Purchase some today, for the next time you have to whip a great tasting meal, last minute!

Goya Black Bean Soup Can 15 oz

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goya black bean soup can 15 oz



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