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_________________ 4 g. 6x Golden Cup Balm Ointment Pain Relief Muscular Aches Pain Insect Bites ____________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE READ OUR POLICIES AND SCHEDULE CHART BEFORE BIDDING OR BUYING!!! THIS LISTING IS AND DELAYS WILL ACCOUR DUE TO THE LOW COSTS. FOR QUICKER AND COSTS, PLEASE READ POLICIES !! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Golden Cup Balm, a world famous topical pain relieving ointment has been proven effective for more than 60 years and is used by millions of people. Golden Cup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has served consumer worldwide with our Thailand market leader " Golden Cup Balm ", made from herbal ingredients offering gentle with a multipurpose relief. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Description : Gold Cup Balm is an effective and robust topical analgesic treatment Balm. Gold cup is a topical analgesic balm that has been made in Thailand for over 60 years. The brand has the majority market share in Thailand and a significant presence in South East Asia, where analgesic topical balms and ointments originate. Pain relieving balms and ointments are common place in every South East Asia home, in the same way Asprin or paracetamol are in the West ____________________________________________________________________________________ Description : 4 grams Golden Cup Balm Ointment Pain Relief Muscular Aches Pain Insect Bites, Itchy skin, Vertigo, Dizziness, etc... Gold Cup Balm Effective Uses: Analgesic balms can be used on a wide variety of symptoms; Gold Cup Balm is probably the most versatile analgesic ointment on the market. Not as strong as Tiger Balm and other analgesic ointments, Gold Cup can be applied to a wider range of ailments The most common uses of Gold Cup Balm are: * Deep tissue muscle aches and pain. * Insect bites * Stress and Tension * Joint stress pain * Anxiety How Gold Cup Works: Balms and ointments can be used on any discomfort; Gold Cup provides a warm, soothing sensation that relaxes and de-stresses the immediate area almost instantly. The balm quickly gets absorbed deep into muscles, penetrating through pores in the skin and eventually into joints and bones. Used on the temples and pressure points on the head, Gold Cup provides immediate relief from stress and tension headaches. Widening the blood vessels that increase blood flow around the brain while the mild soothing, warming sensation comforts and claims anxiety. The scent of eucalyptus and Asian herbs relax the senses, widen the nasal passage, making breathing easier and inducing relaxation. Balm can be used by those who suffer from stress disorders and anxiety; used in situations of high stress or anxiety the balm can slow breathing and help relax tense muscles in the body, especially in the throat and nasal passages, providing a sense of calm . ____________________________________________________________________________________ Conditions: , Sealed, Never Use or Opened , Original package, 100% GENUINE ____________________________________________________________________________________ Quantity: 6 Box = 4 g ram Each 6 box with Thai and ENGLISH INSTRUCTION INSIDE. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate 15.0 %, Camphor 15.0 %,Menthol 12.0 %, Peppermint Oil 6.3 %, Eucalyptus Oil 1.2 %, Cajuput Oil 1.0 %, Clove Oil 0.5 %, Cinnamon Oil 0.5 % Other Information: MANUFACTURED BY : ____________________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: How to Use: * Apply Liberally To Effected Area where symptoms are experienced, massage deeply for greater effect. U sage: Apply Every 3-6 Hours ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cautions: * Do Not Apply To Broken Skin, Near The Eyes or Any Orifices. In Case Of Contact With Eyes Wash With Plenty Of Water Seek Immediate medical Attention * For Topical Use Only * Store below 25 Celsius * Keep out of reach of children _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ NOTES 1. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. The packaging of this item is in Thai English language 2. This product is Over The Counter (OTC) 3. This is a NON PRESCRIPTION FORMULA . 4. IF MORE PICTURES ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE MORE OBSERVATIONS, PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO ASK. 5. We do our best to provide an accurate description and realistic images. 6. ACTUAL COLOR OF THE ITEM MAY SLIGHTLY VARY DUE TO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE ITEM. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. ____________________________________________________________________________________ For safety for the buyer as well as for the seller, we only accept PayPal. All payments can be done through PayPal. ______________________________________ is through Thailand Post Non-Registered Airmail. It does not come with a tracking number. Please Add $3 USD FOR TRACKING NUMBER, To your Order If requested by by the Buyer. 1. All items are shipped within 24 hours after payment has been received ( unless it is a holiday). 2. can take anywhere from 10-30 business days depending on the destination (Country) . 3. EMS service is available worldwide, but charges will be applied as extra. Insurance is $2.00 extra for each purchased item or items. Please note that some countries do not have EMS Services and we will refer you on acquiring a Tracking Number for the purchased item or items. 4. We do combine items bought from our store, please contact us as the size and weight of the items may reach maximum Weight and may cost the buyer more then expected. If you do order multiple items or duplicate items we will inform you and asking to combine or not with in 2 days, if in 2 days no reply is given then we will combine duplicate or multiple items. Please contact us for Bulk orders. 5. All sales are final, please make sure you buy right item and accept policy and return policy. ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Chart below ESTIMATES the Number of days it takes to reach a destination (Country). Countries Estimated Delivery Time Handling time USA,CANADA 15-21 Business days 1-2 Days UK, EUROPE (MOST PARTS) 15-21 Business days 1-2 Days ITALY SPAIN 15-30 Business days 1-2 Days AUSTRALIA, ASIA 15-21 Business days 1-2 Days RUSSIA, BRAZIL, GERMANY,ITALY 4-6 weeks Depending on Customs 1-2 Days Note: Customs in Many countries may hold items for a certain amount of time Check with your Local Post Office Customs Department before filing a dispute for none received items. ______________________________________________________________________________________ All items sold are and sealed. They are from top of the line supermarkets, hardware stores and high end department stores here in Thailand. You are buying what you see in the pictures and the description is to the best of our knowledge. We offer a full refund should the wrong product is sent, though we will try to prevent any mishap, after the product is received back or we can send you the correct item at no additional charge. Before you purchase your Item Verify your address with Atomicmall and PayPal . 1. Unclaimed delivered items is your responsibility. Please follow the chart above and check with your local post office. Contact us if you have further questions or concerns. 2. We at Inter Market Group will reason with you to refund, resend or exchange your items depending on the dispute or matter, but please contact us first to reason with us. 3. If buyer is not satisfied with the item bought. The item can be return with in 30 days for a refund at customers expense. ______________________________________________________________________________________ We pride ourselves on making sure each and every customer is satisfied after the sale is complete. If there are any issues or problems please send us an email and we will do our best to resolve the issue. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Note: Pictures may not display the actual size as colors may vary. Actual product packaging and ingredients may be slightly different than what is shown. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please feel to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have before or after the purchase, I am here and ready to assist you with any questions in less than 24 hours. ________________________________________________________________ Thank you for Shopping! Your Satisfaction and feedback is our strive for excellence service, should there be any problems please contact us and we will try to do our best to resolve it before any feedback is exchanged. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

4 g. x6 Golden Cup Balm Ointment Pain Relief Muscular Aches Pain Insect Bites

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4 g x6 golden cup balm ointment pain relief muscular aches pain insect bites



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