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important to know how to read and learn from a teacher. If you want to learn Gemology this is how to do it. You learn words how to read and understand them, with this written and spoken lessons you will learn it s the easiest way to learn Gemology (the study of Diamonds and Gems). This is much easier than you might think. This short course 40 lessons about 2 minutes each for a total of an hour and a half, you can complete it in one or two days. So, Don t rush finish the course before you buy or wear any jewelry or products to see from our video and get fully prepared for other wonderful time well invested. A GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA GEMOLOGIST TALKING TO YOU WITH HIS ;HISTORY, KNOWLEDGEABLE IN USA GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST GIVING YOU 40 LESSONS done in A one HOUR and a HALF HOUR video 40 pages movie slide show that will teach you everything you need to know about purchasing, buying, a piece of jewelry, engagement ring, educating you to the point that you are a master gemologist, Video is 1 hour 31 minutes and 12 seconds in length, you will learn a GIA course that is all you will ever need to know about diamonds and other gems to educate and teach anyone about the future of buying and educating is HERE. 1. SAMPLE VIDEO

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Gemologist Program DVD Gemological InstituteTutorial GIA

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gemologist program dvd gemological institutetutorial gia



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