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e "Looks like an Ordinary Outlet" Designed to FOOL the Smartest Thief... This outlet safe pivots out from the wall, revealing a hidden compartment to contain your prized possessions. Made of high-impact plastic and metal, this wall safe provides an effective solution to hide your valuables in either your home or office. This product also comes complete with a cutout saw and template for quick and easy installation. This safe measures 7" x 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is the ideal solution to hide away anything you don???t want others to find. The Locking Mechanism is meant to resemble a normal screw so somebody cannot just flip it open without unscrewing just as you would not be able to with a regular Outlet.. The wall safe face Plate can be changed to match the decor of your home by removing the screw bolt and locking washer, and replacing it with any other face plate.. Important.. Do NOT use or remove any electrical outlets to install wall safe!!! Includes: 1 Hidden wall Safe 2 Keys 1 Drywall Saw 1 Template

GID Hidden Wall Safe Security Electrical Outlet Keys Vault Secret Hide Valuables

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gid hidden wall safe security electrical outlet keys vault secret hide valuables



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