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these woods, Jason Voorhees's Curse They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have tried to stop him. No one can. He's out there waiting ... Authentic 1/1 scale Movie Replica Mask from Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees vs Freddy Wearable Mask Hand painted!!!No mask is exactly the same as another. Cast from a screen used mask! Own a piece of movie history! Made of Heavy Duty Thick abs plastic Mask Measure Elastic Strap 100% Created by Victor Miller, Jason Voorhees is possibly the most popular slasher movie villain. A fictional character, Jason was born on June 13th, a Friday. A mass murderer, he is considered one of the most vicious criminals of all time. With his trade mark costume of a machete and a hockey mask, Jason was born disfigured and thus shied away from society. His only family was his mother who was overtly protective of him. Jason attended Camp Crystal Lake in 1967, where his mother worked as a chef. There, the children forced him into the lake, and since Jason did not know how to swim he began to drown and was possibly washed to the other side of the lake. This news devastated Jason's mother who went on a killing spree on his birthday, murdering two girls whom she thought were responsible for Jason's death. Jason avenged his mother's murder by killing her murderer. What started as revenge, grew to become his favorite hobby; Jason soon began killing anyone who ventured near Crystal Lake, resulting in Camp Crystal Lake being dubbed as Blood Camp. Then after a continuing series of death and reincarnation in more than 10 movies, Jason was last seen in Freddy vs. Jason in 2003. Jason soon earned the reputation of one of the most notorious serial slashers of all time. Often confused with 'Leatherface' from 'the Texas Chainsaw Massacre', Jason mostly refrains from using any power tools. Wrongly alleged by many movie watchers as dumb and mentally challenged, Jason has shown a certain knack of frightening his victims before mutilating them. He manages to corner his victims with skillful planning, getting them where he wants them, rather than chasing after them. Jason's infamous hockey mask is one of the most popular costume choices during Halloween. A mask that Jason wore to hide is deformity became a symbol of terror and fear. After eleven movies and a series of comic book appearances, Jason remains a distinct representation of trepidation and fright.

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Friday the 13th Jason vs Freddy Mask the real deal!perfect authentic movie prop

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friday 13th jason vs freddy mask real deal perfect authentic movie prop



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