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Floor Plans CD Victorian Era Plan Home Houses 1889
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Payment | Shipping | Additional Information Floor Plans CD Victorian Era Plan Home Houses 1889


Convenient Houses with Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper - 1889!

CD Republication™

by Louis H. Gibson

Author of Beautiful Houses


If you are the first to bid on this auction, using the buy-it-now option, YOU WIN! There's no chance of being outbid! DON'T WAIT!


Up for bid is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures CD Republication™ of the original ''Convenient Houses with Fifty Plans for the Housekeeper'' published by C. J. Peters & Son, Typographers and Electrotypers, Boston. This author provided some of the best books of the time regarding Victorian era house and home architecture! The low to moderate income families of the time clamored for this type of item and with good reason! (Original is NOT for sale)

This HISTORIC item contains 40 CHAPTERS (337 pages!) of steel plate etchings, floor plans, front and side elevations, and fundamentals for creating the extremely handsome ORIGINAL VICTORIAN ERA HOMES! There are 50 DIFFERENT HOUSE FLOOR PLANS included! If there are multiple floors per house the floor plans for all levels are included! Many of the 50 designs range from cottage style, summer homes all the way to town houses. They range from 2-room dwellings to multi-level structures with planned space for libraries, pantries, porches, storage cellars, sculleries, dressing rooms, attics and even attic closets! You will also find historical facts regarding architecture of practical house building as well as various RARE and UNIQUE guidelines to assist you along the way to recreating the household architecture of a classy and gentile society!


Architects, students of design, architectural historians, doll house enthusiasts, old homes restorers and historical home preservationists will find this book of home plans on CD a spectacular source book of authentic Victorian home designs! Order yours today!!! 


Our customers say:


''Quick shipping and great product!''

Here is an OLD, resourceful and exceptional home architect house and floor plan CD Republication™ . These homes are the essence of the characteristics of the homes built by our American ancestors during the Victorian era! This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own version of another wonderful instructional book revealing our heritage from early America and Europe!


The Architect and The Housewife

Chapter I.

The Housekeeper and the Architect. -- Floor-Plans as related to Good Housekeeping. -- Labor-Saving Devices. -- Economy and Good Construction. -- Compact Houses Not Necessarily Crowded. -- Wood-work that is Readily Cleaned.

Chapter II.

Housekeeping Operations. -- The Work of the Housekeeper. -- The Average Housework of a Week. -- The Architect's Lesson There from.

Chapter III.

Modern Conveniences. -- A Little History. -- Plans that Make Extra Work. -- Modern Conveniences Enumerated.

Chapter IV.

Modern Architects and the Housekeeper. -- Misplaced Houses. -- Old Colonial Poverty in Modern Colonial Houses. -- Affectation in Design. -- Natural Development of American Architecture. -- American Architecture and American Homes.

A Journey Through the House

Chapter V.

Journey Through the House. -- Porch. -- Vestibule. -- Hall. -- Long Halls and Square Halls. -- The Hall that is a Room. -- Reception-Hall. -- Parlor. -- Sitting-Room. -- Dining-Room.

Chapter VI.

Kitchens. -- The Kitchen a Workshop. -- Work to be Done in a Kitchen. -- A Plan. -- Fittings. -- Dish-Washing Conveniences. -- Sink and Tables. -- China-closet. -- Pantry. -- Combination Pantry. -- Pantry Fittings. -- Work in a Pantry. -- A Doughboard. -- Flour-bin. -- Pantry Stores. -- Cupboard. -- Refrigerator Arrangements. -- Pantry Utensils. --  A Dry-Box. -- Soap-Box. -- Ventilation of Kitchen. -- General Principles of Kitchen Planning.

Chapter VII.

Cellar. -- Fuel Departments. -- Furnace Conveniences. -- Coal-bins. -- Cement Floors. -- Light in the Cellar. -- A Cellar-closet. -- Outside Cellar-door.

Chapter VIII.

A Low-cost Laundry. -- Blue Monday. -- Basement Laundry. -- Low-cost Conveniences. -- Inexpensive Laundry Fittings. -- Hot and Cold Water Arrangements. -- A Labor-saving Laundry. -- A Place to do Fruit-canning.

Chapter IX.

The Second Floor. -- Stairways. -- The Combination Stairway. -- Ideal Number of Bedrooms. Large Closets and Plenty of Them. -- A Linen Closet. -- Placing of Gas-fixtures. -- Servant's Room. Bath-room. -- An Attic. -- Attic Closets.

Chapter X.

Plumbing. -- Is Plumbing Entirely Safe -- Completeness in Plumbing Apparatus. -- Labor-saving Plumbing Apparatus. -- Sewer Connections. -- Soil Pipe. -- A Trap. -- Accidents to Traps. -- Frequent Use of Plumbing Apparatus Desirable for Safety. __ Water-closets. -- Simplicity in Plumbing. -- Drain Connections. -- To Keep Plumbing Apparatus From Freezing. -- Cistern Water Supply. __ Grease Sink. -- Flushing of Drain. -- Bath-tub.

Chapter XI.

Heat and Ventilation. -- Common Heating Arrangements. -- Present Methods Generally Unsatisfactory. -- Ideal Conditions. -- Proper Amount of Moisture Rarely Attained. -- A Furnace Defined. -- Methods of Reaching Best Results. -- Supple of Proper Amount of Moisture. -- Removal of Foul Air. -- Supplying Fresh Air with Proper Moisture and Indirect Radiation. -- Low-cost Heating Apparatus.

Chapter XII.

Heating Devices as We Find Them. -- Furnace Estimates. -- Combination Hot Air and Hot Water. -- Dish-warming Arrangements. -- How to Get a Good Heating Apparatus.

Chapter XIII.

The House and Its Beauty. -- Artistic Surroundings. -- Beauty More a Matter of Intelligence than Money. -- Vestibule Decorations. -- Beauty in the Reception-hall. -- Mantels and Grates. -- Fret-work and Porteres. -- Spindle Work. -- Simple Forms of Good Decoration. -- Wood-carving. -- Door and Window Casings. -- A Conservatory. -- Stained Glass. -- A Cabinet on the Mantel. -- Tinted Plastering. -- Frescoing. -- Safety in the Selection of Colors. -- An Attractive Sitting-room. -- Parlor History. -- The Ideal Parlor. -- The Library. -- Place of Quiet and Rest. -- Library Furnishings. -- The Dining-room. -- Social Relations of the Dining-room. -- Dining-=room Decorations. -- Conservatory and Dining-room. -- A Wood Ceiling. -- Beauty in Bedrooms. -- Quiet and Light.

Chapter XIV.

External and Internal Design. -- An Old Topic Before the People. -- The Architectural Student's Dream. -- A Beautiful Home the Housekeeper's Ambition. -- It Costs No More to have a House Beautiful than Ugly. -- Architectural Education. -- Charles Eastlake's Book. -- Vulgar Architectural Revivals. -- The Growth of the Artistic Idea. -- Beauty a Matter of Refinement.

Chapter XV.

Evolution of a House-plan. -- Respectable Dimensions for a Moderate Price. -- Six Plans. -- Costs from $1,500 to $2,600.

Chapter XVI.

A Small Pocket-book and a Large Idea. -- Ambition, Dollars, and a Good House. -- The Growth of the Housekeeper's Ideas. -- Points about the House - $2,900.

Chapter XVII.

''We Know What We Want.'' -- A Convenient Plan. -- Meeting the Wants of People Who Build.

Chapter XVIII.

Two Good Rooms in Front. - The Combination Pantry. -- Too Much Cellar a Burden. - $2,500.

Chapter XIX.

Sitting-room and Parlor in Front. -- A Connecting Vestibule. -- A Central Combination Stairway. -- Good Rooms in the Attic.

Chapter XX.

A Compact Plan. -- An Isolated Reception-room. -- Combination Stairway. -- Description of the Floor-plan. -- Cellar Arrangement. -- Dining-room and Conservatory. Another Plan.

Chapter XXI.

What Can be Done for $1,600 -- The Closet in the Hall. -- A Small Convenient Kitchen. -- Closets in the Bedrooms.

Chapter XXII.

Outgrowths of ONe Idea. -- Everything Counts as a Room. -- One Chimney. -- Conveniences of a Condensed House. - Cost from $1,600 to $2,800.

Chapter XXIII.

One-Story Plans. -- Description of Floor-plans. -- Bath-room Next to Kitchen Flue. -- Kitchen, Porch, and Pantry. -- The Exterior. -- Enlargements on this Plan. -- Other One-story Houses.

Chapter XXIV.

Side-hall Plans. -- Plans with Bedroom on First Floor.

Chapter XXV.

Miscellaneous Collection. -- Short Descriptions of Eleven House-plans. -- Varying Costs. -- Square Plans. -- One-chimney Plans. -- Rear and Side Hall.

Chapter XXVI.

Eight Plans. -- Each Suited to Family Requirements. -- Double Houses. -- An Elaborate Floor-plan. -- A Shingle House. -- A Brick House.

Practical House-building.

Chapter XXVII.

Practical Points. -- Water. -- Location of House on Lot. -- Draining the Cellar. -- Mason Work. -- Foundations. -- Walks. -- Piers. -- Flues. -- Cisterns. -- Damp Course.

Chapter XXVIII.

Brick Foundations. -- Laying Brick. -- Colored Mortars. -- Colored Bricks. -- Brick Veneering. -- Hot-air Flues. -- Details of Brick Construction. -- Chimneys and Flues. -- Hollow Walls. -- Cellar. -- Ash-pits. -- Grates.

Chapter XIX.

Stone Masonry. -- Cut Stone. -- Terra Cotta. -- Privy Vaults. - Cisterns. -- Filters for Cisterns. -- Brick Pavements. -- Cement Pavements.

Chapter XXX.

Carpenter-work. -- Framing. -- Size of Timbers. -- Height of Stories. -- Joist. -- Stud Walls. -- Outside Sheathing. -- Building-paper. -- Roofs. -- Outside Finish. -- Outside Shingle Walls. -- Outside Casings. -- Windows with Box Frames. -- Hinged or Pivoted Windows. -- Outside Shutters. -- Porches. -- Lattice Porches.

Chapter XXXI.

Inside Wood-work. -- Floors. -- Soft and Hard Wood Floors. -- Tabulated Statement of Inside Finish. -- Different Kinds of Wood. -- Doors and Frames. -- Fly Screens. -- Inside Casings. -- Wainscoting. -- Inside Shutters. -- Wood-work for Plumbing. -- Kitchen Sink and Fittings. -- Kitchen Tables. -- Cellar-sink Fittings. -- Wood-work for Bath-tub. -- Water-closets. -- Wash-stands. -- Tank. -- Picture Moulding. -- Closet Fittings. -- Broom-Rack. -- Fittings. -- Pantry Fittings. -- Stairways.

Chapter XXXII.

Plastering. -- Gray Finish. -- White Hard Finish. -- Back Plastering. -- Gas-piping. -- Tin Work. -- Gutters. -- Valleys. -- Down Spouts. -- Galvanized Iron-work. -- Hot-air Pipes. -- Thimbles. -- Painting. -- Staining. -- Oil Finishing. -- Interior Staining. -- Floor Finish. -- Glazing. -- Plate-glass. -- Bevelled Glass. -- Cathedral Glass. -- Hard-ware.

Chapter XXXIII.

Practical Plumbing. -- Wood-work for Plumber. -- Excavating for Plumber. -- Water Distribution. -- Outside Fixtures. -- Hydrants. -- Street-washers. -- Soft-water Supply. -- Hot-water Supply. -- Soil Pipe. -- Inside Fixtures. -- Kitchen Sink. -- Cellar Sink.

Chapter XXXIV.

Plumbing Work Continued. -- Bath-tubs. -- Bath-sprinklers. -- Foot-tubs. -- Safes. -- Water Closets. -- Wash-stands. -- Laundry Fittings. -- Set Tubs. -- Outside Drains. -- Grease Sinks. -- Nickel Fittings.

Chapter XXXV.

Cost of a House. -- Schedules of Costs. -- What Goes into a House. - Schedule ''B.'' -- Cost Details.

Chapter XXXVI.

Varying Building Values. -- Cost of Apprentices. -- Prices of Labor and Material on Which Estimates are Based.

Business points in Building

Chapter XXXVII.

Low-cost Houses. -- Methods of Making Contracts. -- Architects; Estimates. -- Building by the Day. -- The Safest Plan. -- Guarding Against Liens.

Chapter XXXIX.

Building Associations. -- Why Dividends are Large and Interest Low. -- Building Associations and Savings Banks. -- Association Securities. -- Building-association Methods. -- Different Plans. -- Borrowing from a Building Association. -- A Building-association Report.

Chapter XL.

Purchase of a Lot. -- The Best the Cheapest. -- A Good Lot as a Basis of Security. -- The Basis of Value is the Rental.


The CD Republication™ you will receive is representative of the types of home building expertise of earlier American and European culture! If you're into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment studying the architectural designs and craftsmanship in this item! MS'' size=4>  


You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come. This information has been scanned into a CD-ROM Reproduction™ using the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. You may download a FREE version of the Adobe software program at www.adobe.com .

This is NOT a copy of another CD-ROM. You will receive an ORIGINAL CD of this historic and resourceful book. The text is viewed easily from your computer or you may choose to print each page as you read this amazing book on Victorian architecture. Every page has been meticulously scanned, cleaned and burned to preserve this ANTIQUE book's information and patterns to CD-ROM! The format of this resource has so many more advantages than the original book.


What are the benefits of Dakota Prairie Treasures' Antique Book CD Republications™

* Every image and every page has been scanned to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper!

* These scans are completely sizable. You can enlarge and print according to your visual needs!

* Each page is saved in PDF format at a high dsi and is readily accessible using Adobe Acrobat (or other pdf reading software programs). This program is very user friendly and allows you to print any one specific page or the entire book!

* Each time you want to use an image, a page or pages you can print it out. Every one will be as crisp and clear as the last!

* If you spill your coffee, tea or soda on a page you just print yourself another!

* You can put all of your notes or musings on your printouts and save them in a folder for future referencing!

*Each CD-ROM comes in a protective case!

Curious about the quality of these scans Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! Scale it, edit it, print it to fit your needs and you are surely going to be quite pleased with the results! You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come...


Check out Dakota Prairie Treasures' current auctions and store listings for many other unique CD Republications™ for your creative pleasure!


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