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ry - Now FREE! Payment Additional Information Flapper Era Hairstyles Book Hair Cuts Styles Bobs 1935 Post- WWII Swing Era Modern Haircutting Styling Spiral Bound Book Republication™ Originally published 1935! Up for your consideration is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Republication™ of our original 1930 s "Modern Haircutting Styling!" There are 136 pages of instructions, line and charcoal drawings on how to achieve the beguiling, bewitching and ultra-feminine 30 s hairstyles! Enclosed in this Dakota Prairie Treasures Republication is a fine variety of styles and variations of Depression Era coifs of which were all the rage in 1935! Bobs galore and glamour at its best! (Original is NOT for sale) So it s time to break out your scissors and bobby pins! Get to work recreating the exotic and ultra-feminine bobbed hairstyles of the 1930 s to wow that special man of yours! Or, better yet, just tantalize them all!!! Our line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use! This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to work while your hands are full of your in-progress project. As an avid reader myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it s ease-of-use alone. We believe you ll love it too! Our customers say: "Great item. Quick shipping. Thank you very much!!" "Thank you for the item! just as described!" "Great item, excellent condition, well packed, with prompt delivery- thank you!" "Fantastic vintage resource for theatre swing dancing. VERY happy customer!" "Item shipped immediately and arrived as described. Excellent service. Thanks!" Producing the best CD Spiral Bound Book Republications for you since 1999! Just in time for the Spring and Summer seasons fresh, looks! Why spend $100 s on a book to recreate the 50 s hairstyles when Dakota Prairie Treasures can provide you with a Spiral Bound Book with the best in-depth information for a fraction of the cost? This item is a great resource for those who are WWII and 1950 s era historical reenactment enthusiasts, stage and theatre hairdressers, students of historical hair styles, etc! Contains clear and detailed information by: "One of Hollywood s leading hairstylists" who "designed coiffures for motion picture celebrities, starlets, models and many well-know personalities in the entertainment world. Mr Francis continues to bring...that smartly coiffed Hollywood Look." An excerpt: "Hairdressing is an integral part of the cultivation of feminine loveliness. Expert hair cutting is an essential foundation for proper hairdressing and the art of styling decides its finished effect. I therefore dedicate this volume to every one of you who is earnestly interested in the important profession of beauty culture. It is a profession worthy of the best in all of us, deserving of our finest thought and effort... In this volume I have tried to include every valuable suggestion, help and instruction I could think of, based on my any years experience. I hope this will give you in a simple way, a thorough understanding of the technique and art of this fascinating will be amazed and thrilled with the progress you will make if you keep everlastingly at it." Table of Contents: Introduction What It s All About Trends in Bobbed Hair The Need for Diplomacy The Study of Hair Lines Hair Styling Foreheads Cowlicks Necklines The Proper Use of Tools Thinning and Tapering Cutting and Thinning of Hair for Permanent Waving Scissors Hair Cutting Tapering Shingling Razor Hair Cutting Hair Form and Structure Layer Hair Cutting Corrective or Alteration Hair Cut Bangs Children s Hair Fashions Hair cutting Quiz Faces, Faces, Faces So it s time to break out your scissors and bobby pins! Get to work recreating the exotic and ultra-feminine bobbed hairstyles of the 1930 s to wow that special man of yours! Or, better yet, just tantalize them all!!! This item s extensive information is representative of the types of hair dresser and stylist expertise of earlier feminine American culture! If you re into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment with this fascinating walk down history s coifing path just the way your grandmothers did! What a historically educational and delightful hair art instructional piece this is! The hairdressers of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous styles and now you can too! There are many beautiful haircut and styling choices which are sure to delight yourself or your beauty shop customers! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience beauty school operator will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim. The Spiral Bound Book Republication™ you will receive is representative of the types of hairdressing expertise of earlier genteel and feminine American and European culture! If you re into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment recreating these ultra-feminine hairstyles for yourself or your customers, just the way your great-grandmothers did! You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come. This information has been scanned at a high resolution and electronically revamped to provide you with the very best hardcopy reproduction. Unlike other reproduction sellers this is NOT a cheap, grainy photocopy! Our Spiral Bound Republication™ has so many more advantages over the original book. What are the benefits of our antique book Spiral Bound Book Republications™? * Our products are produced with front and back covers of heavy stock paper. * Our products are made using the latest LaserJet printing technology meaning the ink will not smear like inferior photocopy or inkjet products do. * Our spiral binding allows your book to lie flat during use for ease of viewing while working on your needlework projects. * Our products do not cost a small fortune for you to obtain and enjoy. * Every image and every page has been scanned to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper! * These scans are enlarged to full-page dimensions for ease of viewing! * You can gift these wonderful Victorian, Edwardian pattern book finds with family and friends! Curious about the quality of this item? Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! You will appreciate the attention we have taken in providing you with a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that will be use for many years to come... Check out Dakota Prairie Treasures current auctions for many other unique needlework CD Spiral Bound Book Republications™ for your creative needle working pleasure!

Flapper Era Hairstyles Book Hair Cuts Styles Bobs 1935

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flapper era hairstyles book hair cuts styles bobs 1935



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