Z 100 First Day On The

Air August 1983 Not only was this the launch of a format on 100.3 FM in NYC but it also marked the return of Top 40 radio to the city. This unscoped aircheck features a 20 minute signal test which started that morning at 5 featuring a few songs. A tone then begins (edited out on this CD) and then at 6:00 a.m. WHTZ-FM is officially born. This item features Scott Shannon and JR Nelson doing the first hour of their morning show in what was later revealed to be a studio with the bare essentials. They literally sat around a folding table doing their show. This CD concludes with the final ten minutes of that first day when they signed off the air at Midnight. Two things that stand out on the item is that Scott Shannon used his full name Michael Scott Shannon. The second is that the slogan Z-100 was used yet. Z-100 was the station that shocked radio by going from worst to first in the ratings in six months. This is where it all began. Total Time - 80:00

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Z-100 First Day On The Air August 1983

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z 100 first day air august 1983



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