ee Maker makes it easy to discover your story, preserve your legacy and share your unique heritage as you explore your family tree on your personal computer. Family Tree Maker 2010 introduces even more rich storytelling and organization tools that can add life to your family history. Once you ve started your tree, you can add photos, video, audio and more. You can also create and print a variety of interactive maps, timelines, charts and reports. Family Tree Maker 2010 also includes a subscription to Ancestry.com ?? the world s largest online collection of family history resources, featuring more than 7 billion historical records. Search for your ancestors and use what you discover on Ancestry.com in your tree. Family Tree Maker 2010 lets you easily: Organize your family story privately and conveniently on your personal computer. Create charts and reports in a variety of formats to share with friends and family. Discover information anywhere on the web and add it to your tree instantly. Integrate with the 7 billion names in historical records on Ancestry.com. Even receive hints linking you to matching records. Incorporate photos, documents and audio, video and other files into your tree. View timelines and interactive maps. What s in Family Tree maker 2010 tools and charts that help you tell a richer story Better ways to organize photos and other media Create slideshows from the images in your tree Family books made from your tree Standard source templates that help you reference the right information A view of your relation to everyone in your tree Extended family birthday calendars Images scanned directly into your tree Family migration paths over time Easy family tree download from Ancestry.com And don t forget the features you ve come to rely on: Dynamic user interface that lets you quickly switch between important features The ability to import data from other genealogy programs, including Personal Ancestral File Powerful sourcing tools that let you document AND rate each of your citations Interactive maps and lists that give you a bird s-eye view of where members of your family come from Place authority database of more than 3 million names that helps you standardize your place entries Photo AND file management features so you can easily incorporate all types of media files into your charts and reports Timelines that highlight personal, family and world events Easy-to-use tools for merging duplicate individuals, calculating dates, creating to-do lists and more Your Family Tree Maker 2010 Essentials software includes: Interactive Training Tutorial for Family Tree Maker 2010 (included on Family Tree Maker disk) Get step-by-step instructions and tips that will help you easily build and grow your family tree. The Getting Started Guide to Family Tree Maker Follow simple directions to begin a project and master the program s basic features The Family Tree Maker Little Book of Answers Read short sections that will tell you how Family Tree Maker can work best for you

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