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of the more popular Estes kits that are no longer manufactured, these kits are made by BMS and include laser cut fins and all the parts needed to remake a classic kit. Instructions need to be downloaded, directions and the web site to do this are included with each kit. Estes Astron Gyroc Clone Kit #K-24 Excellent performance and amazing recovery system make the unique Gyroc a bird you ll want to own. Its unusual design gives this rocket the ability to reach high altitudes and return safely with helicopter recovery for minimum drift with wind. Length 9.8 Dia. 0.736 Weight 0.6 oz. Recommended motors: 1/2A6-2, A8-3, B6-4, C6-5 See All Of Our Rockets/Rocketry Items At: Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack Please look at our other rocketry items. We offer discounted shipping. Pay the highest cost value of an item and each additional item is only $1. Example purchase 3 items who is 5$ 4$ and 4$. You pay only 7$ for shipping/handling charges 5$+1$+1$. We now ship international click HERE for more details. For more great deals click on the link on our about me page. Please take note that in case you wish to make a return, Initial and return is non-refundable. Please Note This Item Contains NO Motors/Engines Or Any Propellant Device.

Estes Astron Gyroc Clone Kit #K-24

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estes astron gyroc clone kit k 24



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