FW 08877 TRACKLIST The Sweeping Wind

(Kanshu) Ellie Mao 1:13 In a Far-Away Place (Tsing Hai) Ellie Mao 1:57 The Funny Old Man (Tsing Hai) Ellie Mao 1:36 Heartache (Ho Tao Region of Inner Mongolia) Ellie Mao 0:34 Festive Song (Ho Tao Region of Inner Mongolia) Ellie Mao 1:01 The Embroidered Purse (Shansi) Ellie Mao 2:40 Digging Potatoes (Shansi) Ellie Mao 1:08 Wu-Ke Tends the Sheep (Yulin-Shensi) Ellie Mao 3:33 Hanging Red Laterns (Yulin-Shensi) Ellie Mao 2:05 Lo-Ho-Ho (Chekiang) Ellie Mao 1:50 The Nine-Ring Puzzle (Hupei) Ellie Mao 0:55 Clear is the River (Hupei) Ellie Mao 1:11 Kite-Flying (Hunan) Ellie Mao 1:33 When the Gardenias Bloom (Szechuan) Ellie Mao 1:56 Bean Sprouts, Scallions and Garlic Cloves (Szechuan) Ellie Mao 1:38 The Washerwoman (Szechuan) Ellie Mao 1:32 My Love is Like a Dragon in the Sky (Yunnan) Ellie Mao 1:20 The Mule-Driver's Song (Yunnan) Ellie Mao 2:06 The Guessing Song (Yunnan) Ellie Mao 1:47 Riding Up the Hill (Hsi Kang) Ellie Mao 2:02 The Little Birds (Tsing Hai-Uighur Folk Song) Ellie Mao 1:15 Song of the Wagon Driver (Sinkiang-Uighur Folk Song) Ellie Mao 0:49 The Little Swallow (Sinkiang-Khazak folk song) Ellie Mao 1:42 Majira (Sinkiang-Khazak Folk Song) Ellie Mao 1:26 The Happy Fisherman (Traditional) Ellie Mao 1:35 The Little Cabbage (Traditional) Ellie Mao 1:39 The Bamboo Flute (Traditional) Ellie Mao 0:56 Flower Drum Song (Traditional) Ellie Mao 1:23 This rare recording is remastered from vinyl or master tapes and is an exclusive from Smithsonian. CentsibleBuys accepts returns for credit, unopened CDs with the top spine seal still intact. The process requires the customer to first contact Centsiblebuys for return authorization before attempting to ship back any items. Failure to comply will result in refusal of delivery. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer and must therefore be prepaid. No COD or collect shipments will be accepted. Once items are received and their condition evaluated, a refund will be issued to the customer. Specialty and special order SKU s are non-refundable and returns are not accepted with the exception of defective CDs. errors (damaged goods, mis-ships, etc) must be reported within 7 calendar days of delivery. Handling time will be between 1 and 2 business days. We would to thank our many repeat customers for their great positive feedback which, of course speaks for itself. We'd like to assure our future customers that we'll continue to earn your trust one CD at a time with a strong commitment to your satisfaction. Thanks again for joining our ever-growing family of satisfied CD buyers....Pete Jo Nell of CentsibleBuys Powered by Atomic Mall AtomicTransporter The listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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ELLIE MAO Anthology of Chinese Folk Songs 1963 NEW CD

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ellie mao anthology chinese folk songs 1963 cd



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