You do NOT need to be

an experienced cake decorator to use our product. Full instructions will be included with your order. This short video shows just how easy the topper is to use. PERSONALIZATION Buyer must email me immediately after making payment with the personal message they want imprinted on their topper. There are several ways to contact me....... 1.Atomic Mall message system 2. Via email (my email address will be on your PayPal receipt) 3. Paypal order form "notes to seller" If more than one image is shown. You must also let me know which image you want. A,B,C etc. My email can be found on your PayPal receipt or you can contact me thru Atomic Mall. If buyer wishes to use their own photo/graphic, they must email this as well in a jpg format. The larger the photo the better quality your topper will be. Please be sure to include your sale number. If you have any questions SPECIFICS... Note.. Any dotted lines appearing in the photo are graphics "space holders". The lines will NOT appear on your finished topper. Image size is approx 8" X 10" designed for a 1/4 sheet cake. Made from 100% FDA approved edible inks paper. Storing the image: Leave your picture in the original packaging until you are ready to use it. If possible place the sealed zip lock bag (image inside) into an air tight container. Images can usually be kept at room temperature for 12 months. Do not refrigerate* or freeze. * unusually warm weather place topper in freezer for 1 minute ONLY before attempting to peel from backing. Applying the Image: Works best on buttercream or common store bought ready-to-spread frostings. Whipped cream or non-dairy toppings can cause the image to fade. For best results, use a white frosting where the images are to be placed, and spread the frosting as smooth as possible. .Have a plain just-frosted cake ready. If using a previously frosted cake (frozen or refrigerated), allow the frosting to soften at room temperature for 10 minutes. Be sure the frosting does not have a crust and is still damp to the touch. If not spritz frosting with a fine mist to rewet. Remove Icing Image from the bag and set it out in room temperature for at least 10 minutes. If you need to cut the image from the sheet to fit on the cake it is best to do this as soon as it is removed from the bag. To remove the image from the backing, pull the backing down over a sharp table edge at the corners, while keeping the icing as straight as possible. If the icing is not lifting off easily, allow it to sit longer to dry out but do not let the image over dry or it may crack. If the image tears the pieces can still be placed on the cake and patted into place. Lower the middle of the image down on the cake first holding it from both ends. Wrinkles can be removed by gently patting them until they disappear. Note. A crack in your topper does not render it useless. Don't panic. Cracks can occur naturally due to changes in temp and humidity. In most cases the image can still be peeled from it's backing sheet and placed on your cake. The crack will not be noticeable once it "melds" to the cake. Edible cake topper FAQ's 1. Will the topper melt in the hot weather? No.... Do not take the word "frosting" literally. This product is VERY stable. 2. How do I store the topper? Keep the topper in it's original bag. Store at room temperature away from light 3. How long can I keep the topper? Up to 6 months should not be a problem. 4. What does it taste like? It actually has no flavor at all. Your frosting provides the flavor. But it does smell like marshmallows. HELP A KID SMILE SMILE TRAIN is a non profit organization dedicated to helping children with a cleft palette and or cleft lip. I was born with a double cleft lip and double cleft palette. That's me in the middle of the group photo circa 1965. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a kid who can not smile? Please help me help them.

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Dragon Fight Personalized Edible Cake design.

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dragon fight personalized edible cake design



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