Dewormer And Flea Control Revolution Cats

Spot On All In One Flea Tick Control All in one Revolution for cats spot on flea and worming, lice, flea and tick treatment helps your pet s well-being inside and out. A package contains a dosage of 3 Tablets, which equals a three month supply. Selamectin at 6 % content is the active ingredient. Once applied Revolution Cats spot on rapidly enters the bloodstream of your cat. It can kill the intestinal parasites Roundworm. Heartworm and Hookworm. Meanwhile, Revolution all-in-one moves into the pet hair and skin.Destroying irritating external parasites, such as certain lice and mites,the American tick and fleas plus their hatching eggs and larvae. Revolution Cats controls annoying flea infestations, plus controls and prevents flea allergy dermatitis events. The management and control of pesky ear mites in cats and dogs. Plus managing the pet med treatment control of the sarcoptic mange in dogs. Your beloved pet each month requires another dose of all-in-one Revolution. Your loved one has continual protection whether your cat has long hair or short hair. Revolution also protects and treats the cat???s living area both inside and outside the home. It is calculated that only a fraction of a flea infestation is living on your cat at any one time. The rest of the varmits are hungrily waiting inside or outside the home. Through shedding body hair your cat gradually transfers poison to the parasites. Thus gradually breaking down the parasites life cycle of eggs hatching and larvae by paralyzing the adult pests living on your poor feline friend. How would I use all-in-one Revolution? It is quick drying in two hours and Revolution spot on has no unpleasant odour. Plus being both non-greasy and waterproof. You can be affectionate to your pet in two hours! How to Use: Each month squeeze the Revolution pet medication onto your cat???s skin. By placing just in front of cat???s shoulder blades. Your cat must be dry during this application. Two hours later, flea control and deworming treatment starts. You can also bathe your cat two hours later. Revolution for cats and dogs will be unaffected by water and give an effective flea and tick treatment and wormer control. 1. By holding the pet med tube in an upright position. 2. Next please press the cap downward to pierce the tip of the tube. 3. Then move the cap away and the all-in-one Revolution tube is ready for use. 4. Separate the cat hair at the bottom of the cat???s neck. Put the tube on a visible patch of skin area. 5. Next by squeezing the tube apply the spot on pet med 3 to 4 times and empty the tube???s dosage until completely empty. 6. By still squeezing, drag the tube away from the point of first contact. 7. Tube dosage emptied, remove the tube. Revolution for cats flea control and wormer contains Selamectin. Zoetis the manufacturer is a subsidiary of Pfizer and ranked as a global player as an animal health company. Revolution for cats spot on flea and tick treatment was the first FDA approved applied pet med available topically for cats that are 6 weeks or older. Mosquito delivered parasites that cause heartworm disease are killed. Please use with caution if a cat s skin is broken or irritated It is safe to use in cats being over 8 weeks of age. All-in-one Revolution pet med should not be given to sick, underweight or debilitated animals. We are not Veterinarians we are resellers. Healthy Revolution Flea Control should only be applied as directed by the manufacturer Zoetis.Please read the manufacturers instructionsand go to their website.

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Dewormer And Flea Control Revolution Cats Spot On All In One Flea Tick Control

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dewormer flea control revolution cats spot all one flea tick control



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