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p to buy now is: A Very Tough to find educational item.............A VINTAGE rare Big Box PC software item. BY Virtual Reality Laboratories DISTANT SUNS......Version 2.0 for Windows.....a Desktop Planetarium!!! Your Spaceship Awaits!!! This was originally for Windows 3.1 This item includes: The gatefold open-faced box - a little wear a couple of small rips and tears, scratches in the box. The Jewel Case, no art I don t think is was manufactured with art - in mint condition. The CD-Rom - almost like new. Registration card - mint. Reasons you should turn in your reg. card card - mint. Special note for installing this program onto hard disk from floppies - mint. IBM order form - almost mint. Quick-Start guide for this program - good, it is a sheet of regular sized paper. Spiral Bound User Manual - 88 pages - near mint or maybe slightly better. Styrofoam insert - mint. System Information (requirements to play): 386 or better processor VGA or SVGA monitor. 2 MB of ram. Hard Drive. Windows 3.1. For Best results manufacturer recomends an SVGA monitor and math co-processor. Please see all photos...... A comment from ARTHUR C. CLARKE, Author of 2001: A Space Odyssey is on the box!!! Please ask any questions you may have................Thanks for looking.....................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!

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DISTANT SUNS Version 2.0 for Windows. DESKTOP Planetarium. By Virtual Reality...

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distant suns version 2 0 windows desktop planetarium by virtual reality



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