DISNEY COLLECTING YOU ARE BIDDING ON A BEAUTIFUL COLLECTORS ITEM KNOW AS "FIDDLER PIG" FROM THE DISNEY HIT THE THREE LITTLE PIGS ITEM NUMBER: 41038 ISSUE YEAR: 1993 STATUS: RETIRED MARK: CLEF ORIGINAL BOX: YES ITEM CONDITION: MINT THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PIECE FROM THE ???THE THREE LITTLE PIGS??? COLLECTION PRODUCED BY DISNEY. IT IS A ONE OWNER PIECE COMING FROM A SMOKE HOME. DUE TO IT???S AGE THIS IS A ???HARD TO FIND??? ITEM AND TRULY A WONDERFUL COLLECTOR???S TREASURE. IN ADDITION TO THE BEAUTY OF THIS ITEM, IT IS ALSO A GREAT INVESTMENT, ??? DISNEY ??? ITEMS HAVE STEADILY INCREASED IN VALUE FROM YEAR TO YEAR. IF YOU ARE A COLLECTOR OF FINE ITEMS, THIS IS A MUST FOR YOUR COLLECTION . THREE LITTLE PIGS MAY 27, 1933 The Three Little Pigs was part of a 1933 Silly Symphony cartoon. It marked a milestone in animation development with imaginative use of color, costuming, movement, sound effects and a great attention to detail. The Fifer and Fiddler Pigs are carefree musical mates who only want to sing, dance and play. Practical Pig warns that ???work and play don???t mix??? and saves the others from the villainous Big Bad Wolf, of course, schemes to capture the delicious pig trio and add them to his dinner plans. Music added to the success of the cartoon and the melody ???Who???s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf??? became so popular that it was also used in a Marx Brothers Duck Soup, as well as the Academy Award winning classic It Happened One Night. Sound effects allowed you to hear the huffing and puffing roar of wind as the Wolf blew down the straw house. The audience also heard the sloshing and squishing sound of bricks and mortar as the Practical Pig build his very safe and sturdy house. The cartoon short was so popular that three sequels were produced: The Big Bad Wolf-1934; Three Little Wolfs-1936; and The Practical Pig-1939. All four characters also appeared in the Disney Studios film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? produced in 1988. In fact, this cartoon was the most successful one-real animated short in film history. * * I ONLY HAVE ONE OF THIS ITEM IN STOCK AND IT IS ALSO LISTED AS A ONE BID ITEM AND IN OTHER STORES. THE FIRST BUYER DETERMINED BY PURCHASE TIME RECEIVES IT. * * WE WILL SELL TO OUR FRIENDS IN CANADA AND MEXICO ONLY IF PAID VIA A PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND ADD $2.00 S H TO ABOVE TERMS. * POSTAL INSURANCE IS OFFERED ON EVERY SALE FOR A NOMINAL FEE ($3.00) AND ALTHOUGH NOT REQUIRED IT IS RECOMMENDED, THE SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS AFTER POSTAGE DATE. * THANK YOU FOR LOOKING

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