Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate Argentinas

most popular brand! Yerba Mate, a form of tea substance first produced in 1874, and is prepared by steeping the stems and dried leaves of the Mate tree in a source of hot water. The Mate tree is similar to that of the holly plant and is a member of its family. The leaves are harvested, then chopped and dried, and ground to form a tea bag like mixture. This mixture of Yerba Mate is then commonly made into a hollowed out gourd and is drank through a straw like instrument called a bombilla. Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate has a distinct earthy aroma and flavor. The bombilla is a sieve like instrument that strains out the leaves and larger bits of dried herb, allowing only for the flavor to escape through it to your lips. Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate is commonly consumed during social gatherings and is often shared amongst friends. Yerba Mate is also known for its contents of xanthines, which are mild stimulants that are good for the body and soul. These xanthines include caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate is also a good source of minerals, including potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate, is Argentinas number one choice for a reason! Because it is a satisfying and healing herbal remedy that soothes not only the body, but the body, mind, and spirit!

Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate 1 Kg

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cruz de malta yerba mate 1 kg



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