This easy to use application analyzes

income properties and calculates ratios necessary for presentation to commercial property lenders as well as investment returns for presentation to other investors to obtain funding. It is based on commercially available software and has the same features as applications costing hundreds, or even, thousands of dollars. Calculated results can easily be integrated into overall property packages. CLICK HERE to download the TRIAL VERSION below. In the TRIAL VERSION, the fields in blue cannot be edited and many of the comment/Rules Of Thumb in the fields are incomplete. Upon purchase, these fields are unlocked and all comments/Rules Of Thumb are complete. Benefits and features covered: - DETERMINE RATES OF RETURN, CASH FLOW, AND EQUITY for individual ownership or between joint venture partners - VARY VACANCY RATE FROM YEAR TO YEAR, especially useful for major rehabs or other projects where vacancy rate may vary greatly from year to year - ABILITY TO SEPARATE OWNERSHIP OF CASH FLOW FROM OWNERSHIP OF EQUITY if you wish to give away more of one component of the overall return on investment in exchange for receiving more of the other (works well if your passive partners are using retirement funds and don t need the funds from them immediately and can wait for a larger return from the equity in exchange for giving you more of the cash flow to run your business) - BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS to determine minimum occupancy at which an income property will be able to financially sustain itself. - Capitalization rate - Net operating income - Debt coverage ratio - Cash-on-cash return (both single-year and annualized) - Internal rate of return - Modified internal rate of return - Amortized and interest-only mortgage loans with balloon payments - General guidelines, learned from expensive mistakes made by other commercial property investors, that pop up in the comment boxes to let you know if a calculated result makes sense or not - GRAPHS THAT GIVE VISUAL PROJECTIONS of how property performance changes the longer you own it - Loan to value (LTV) and combined loan to value (CLTV) - Suggested maximum offer price if you are a buyer - Determination of actual rates of return based on actual resale price, not just projected value and other metrics necessary to obtain funding from lenders and other investors. See the video tour of the application (below) for a brief overview of this valuable application. System requirements: Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher (or compatible). --- This product used to be listed on eBay by us but is no longer there. Testimonials from satisfied clients who purchased this product on eBay include: ?????????????????????????????? GREAT EBAYER ?????????????????????????????????????????? THANK YOU ?????????????????????????????? Buyer: Member id floydturbo ( Feedback Score Of 558) Jan-29-11 08:15 Item As Described - Seller Highly Recommended!! Buyer: Member id meshopn ( Feedback Score Of 606) Jan-25-11 02:18 - No problems from seller Buyer: Member id kevin4707 ( Feedback Score Of 42) Dec-29-10 22:31 - Nice Info, Fast Delivery, Thanks!!!! Buyer: Member id draft2004 ( Feedback Score Of 310) Oct-13-10 13:17 - Program works great.... Buyer: Member id 187joeblk187 ( Feedback Score Of 29) Aug-02-10 13:01 - Great communication. Thanks for the bonuses!!!!! Buyer: Member id rfrascon ( Feedback Score Of 91) Jun-23-10 16:53 - Great source to validate the numbers - thanks! Buyer: Member id sakspykers ( Feedback Score Of 113) May-18-10 09:02 - Great product. Got sooner than expected. Great ebayer :-) Buyer: drobin74 ( 41) May-09-10 15:42 - AS DESCRIBED..GREAT EBAYER..A+++ Buyer: meotoramu ( 40) Apr-15-10 16:11 - Fast shipment! Exactly as Expected! Excellent eBayer!! Buyer: jeffcichocki (242) Mar-15-10 14:15 - great product for the price! Thanks Buyer: bill80525 (4) Mar-01-10 08:19 - Instant Delivery. All that it was promised to be. Buyer: davideverett99 (17) Feb-11-10 19:57 - Delivers quickly. Gives you more than you expected. I highly recommend! Buyer: garynine (5) Jan-12-10 18:16 - very quick turnaround, great application Buyer: mattstillpaints (11) Dec-06-09 15:12 - fasinating real estate finder Buyer: ipaq2009 (6) Oct-30-09 10:21 - FAST DELIVERY!! GREAT SUPPORT!! VERY SATISFIED!! Buyer: mjppilot (21) Oct-15-09 08:24

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Commercial Real Estate Income Property Analysis Software

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commercial real estate income property analysis software



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