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king for tough to find football cards.... Up to Buy It Now is: One lot of 8 boxed, sets of the above listed cards. 1990 Pro Set Collect-A-Books Football lot. And include: 5 Boxes of Series 1 - 4 of the 5 boxes are sealed and in very nice condition, one box has become UN-sealed on the bottom, also has been dented on the front, cards inside are fine. Not a lot of wear on the boxes. 2 Boxes of Series 2 - one box is opened but the books inside are still - other box is sealed - both boxes have some wear on them 4 Boxes of series 3 - one box has some wrinkling on the right side, another has wrinkles on both sides and top - all 4 are sealed, all 4 have wear on them. Each set contains 12 booklets including players such as Rice, Sanders, Elway, Aikman, Marino, Moon, Munoz and more! Please see photos....... The photos will also show player selection, show the backs of all 3 different series boxes And please see the photo that has the box of cards in my hand that is wrinkled some. Some are not pictured!!! Thank You in advance for your business!!!!! Please ask any questions you may have.......

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Collect-A-Books, lot of 8 Boxed sets, by Pro Set 1990 Football(NFL) ....LOOK!

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collect a books lot 8 boxed sets by pro set 1990 football nfl look



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