Cereal commercials of the 50 s

s and 60???s Included on this wonderful dvd of times gone by are animated and live action commercials of some of your favorite breakfast food and toys. Most are in balc and white with some in color as well as TV spots for some of the best cartoons TV ad to offer. Here is a breakdown of what you???ll be getting. 10- Cherrios spots with the Cherrio Kid and Bullwinkle the Moose, 9- Trix with the silly rabbit himself, 5- Lucky Charms, 4- Twinkles, 4- Cocoa Puffs, 4- Kix, 4- Sugar Jets, 2- Frosty O???s, Quacker puffed wheat rice cereal, Frosted flakes, Ralston hot cereal starring Space Patrol, Instant Ralston hot cereal starring the Space Patrol, Rice wheat chex, Corn flakes with Yogi Bear, Sugar smacks, Raisin bran flakes, Apple jacks, Corn flakes, Alpha-bits, Sugar Crisp with Bugs Bunny, Post cereal with Bugs Bunny, Alpha-bits with Bugs Bunny, Golden Alpha-bits with Bugs Bunny, Country corn flakes, Goodness 8 pack cereal box. Also included are the following candy and food commercials. Roy Rogers and Gail Evans starring in 9 different Nestles Quiks, 2- Bit O??? honey bars, Almond Joy, 3- Beech-nut fruit stripe gum, Nestle???s chocolate candies, Betty Crocker pancakes, 5- Kool-Aid kids drink, Three Musketeers bar starring Buster Crabbe, 3- Pre-Sweetened Kool-aid with Bugs Bunny, Tang drink, 2- Tang drink with Bugs Bunny, Kool pops, Turkish Taffy candy, Clanky the Spaceman chocolate drink, Good Plenty candy, Skippy peanut butter with the Flintstones, Castoria medicine, Mr. Bubble soap powder, Soaky Disney Soap Bars. Extra added bonus includes these toy commercials Battle Wagon Warship, Nancy Nurse doll, Tiger Joe remote controlled tank, Cholly Chocks balloon toy, Frisbee, Hula-a-Hoop, Shark Powerboats, Barbies Color n??? Curl toy, 2- Suzy Cute doll, Multi-pistol 09 toy, Penny Brite doll, Trix cereal Secret Wrist Band mail-in toy, Suzy Cute starring Louis Armstrong, Super Helmet Seven, Mattel family of Chatty Dolls, Barbie and Ken Little Theater, Mattel Vrrom Bikes, Mattel Magnet Table, Bash Game, Silly Safari game, Mattel Chatty Larry the Lion and Parrot dolls, Kenner Play n Show game, Chatty Cathy doll, Yogi Bear plastic game cloth , Mattel Matty Casper the Ghost, and Sister Belle dolls, Wamo Firetron superball, Hoop-de-do Hula Hoop, Captain Action doll and outfits. AND the following TV show commercials. The Adventures of Superman, The Lone Ranger, Beany and Cecil TV show, Rocky and Bullwinkle Hour, Casper the Ghost, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Matty Funday Funnies, and Roy Rogers Riders Club Prayer. Great picture quality, complete with chapters, menu listings, artwork, case, sealed in plastic . Also note the low shipping, only $3.00 for quick 1st class shipping, no slow media ship here, out of the US is $7.00. I do combined when buying more than 2 dvd s. Please ask if you have any questions.You can pay by cash, check, money order, credit cards, or Paypal. Items usually ship within 1 days after payment is received by way of the Post Office. There are No Refunds, but defective items are quickly replaced at my expense. So get ready to relax and travel back to a simpler time. Thanks for looking.

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Cereal, candy, & toy commercials of the 1950 s and 1960 s on DVD

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cereal candy toy commercials 1950 s 1960 s dvd



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