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Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon (PC-CD, 1996) for Windows -NEW CD in SLEEVE
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Buy bruce jenner 39 s world class decathlon pc cd 1996 windows new cd sleeve at AtomicMall.com

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Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon

CD-ROM for Windows 95

Copyright Year: 1996
Publisher: Interactive Magic

RSAC Advisory: Suitable for ALL Audiences

Pole Vault, Sprint, Shotput, or Jump Your Way to a New World Record

Bruce Jenner earned the title "World's Greatest Athlete" in Montreal in 1976 by scoring a record 8,634 points in Decathlon competition against the best athletes in the world. Now it's your turn to experience the same thrills and excitement of international competition!! This time, however, Bruce Jenner will be your coach and luckily you will not have to compete against him.

Today is the day. This is the moment you've been training for - a new world record. You are posed and focused. You trip and fall flat on your face and after a quick world with your coach Bruce Jenner, you try again...this time you get it right.

In Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon, you get to pick the events, practice for the big competition, and organize your abilities in sprinting, running, jumping, or coordination.

You can practice any one of the events, set up any combination of events in your own personal track meet, or compete in the grueling two day international Decathlon. Play solo against other world class events or invite friends to compete in multiplayer competition.

You get to run, jump, throw and just have a great time competing in all 10 ot the great events that make international Decathlon competition so exciting with Bruce Jenner right at your side. And the best part is you won't be out of breath or even pull a hamstring.

Special Features:
  • Includes all ten decathlon events: 100 meter dash, long jump, shotput, high jump, 400 meter race, 110 meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, 1500 meter race

  • Compete against other players, head-to-head, on one computer with real-time races. Take the part of one of eight competing athletes from around the world.

  • Several play modes - practice or compete in single events, your own competition with any number of events or a full competition in a complete decathlon.

  • Practice mode enables players to hone their skills before competition begins
    System Requirements: A 100% Windows 95 compatible computer system (including CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input devices), 486DX/66MHz minimum, 8MB RAM, SVGA.

    NEW CD-ROM ONLY in protective windowed paper sleeve! NOT as pictured!

    Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Unless otherwise noted, you will receive a genuine factory CD in a sleeve.
    It does not include any documentation, paperwork, Jewel Case, or Box.  

    Publisher: Interactive Magic

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