AMES!! Up to buy is: DREAMCATCHER..INTERACTIVE S... BEYOND TIME......Let The Quest Take You!!! This item is in the RARE big box and is on 2 CD-Roms. This item does include: The big box - Front of the box - a little bit of wear in the upper right hand corner on the word Time where a price tag has been removed, a few light scratches, a little bit of wear along the edges Left side panel - VERY LIGHT wrinkling and wear. Right Side Panel - VERY LIGHT denting and wear. Top - panel Very nice just light imperfections. Bottom panel - is Beautiful... Back panel of box - one kind of deep gouge near the top, various small scratches wear and wrinkles, lower right corner has a small diagonal wrinkle... CD-Rom #1 - Light to medium scratching on the disk....should install with no problems. CD-Rom #2 - Still Sealed Beyond Time Strategy and Solutions guide order card - mint. Reg. Card is in awesome condition. Cardboard insert is near mint. Jewel case is nice and near mint and the insert in it is near mint and is also the instructions. Last but not least.....The Strategy and Solutions guide is on one of the CD s...... Please see all photos.... Please ask any questions you have....................................Thanks for looking.......................................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!! About the game Beyond Time is a first-person graphic adventure that puts you in the role of an archeologist in search of famous artifacts that have been stolen from museums and holding places. Michelangelo s Pieta from the Vatican, the Seti I statue from Cairo, the Mona Lisa from the Louvre -- each one is missing. They have been stolen from safes and cases, sometimes vanishing before people s eyes. You ll visit exotic and famous locations such as the Temple of Osirus, the Tibetan Palace, and the ruins of Atlantis during your search to recover lost treasures. Now, you are being sent to the scene of a recent archeological dig where one of these artifacts turns up, buried in the sand. You must use wits, memory, and exploration to solve many puzzles and mysteries you may come upon. An inventory system allows you to store items you find that can be used in various locales you eventually visit in the game. For instance, you may find a key in France that has to be used in an Egyptian temple or a hieroglyphic might help solve a puzzle later on in the game

Beyond Time: Let the Quest Take You!, Rare Big Box PC Game..Nice Cond....LooK!

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beyond time let quest take you rare big box pc game nice cond look



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