Bayticol Dogs Flea Tick Control Demodex

Mange Lice Mites Ectoparasiticide 100 ml Expiry Date: October 2020 Quantity: One Bottle 100 ml Made in Germany What does it do? Bayticol E.C. 6% has been developed to control and kill irritating external parasites, adult ticks and fleas plus their eggs and larvae at all life cycle stages. Bayticol controls flea infestations, control and prevention of flea allergy dermatitis for dogs of all ages, all breeds. Can kill ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas, ear mites and lice. Plus can manage the treatment and control of the sarcoptic mange and demodex mange in dogs. Bayticol active ingredient is 5.9 % E.C. Flumethrin per 100 ml. The manufacturer is Bayer which is ranked as a global animal health company. The country of manufacture is Germany Depending on infestation severity. Each month or two weeks may require a dose of Bayticol. To break down the parasites life cycle of eggs hatching, larvae and then the adult pests is crucial. Your loved one will have continual protection whether your pet has long hair or short hair from skin diseases. Should also be used to protect and treat the living area for your pet. Such as an exercise backyard, kennel or sleeping area. Only a fraction of a flea infestation live on your dog at any one time. The rest of these pests are hungrily waiting inside or outside the home for your pet. Ectoparasites can cause these problems to your fury pet: Discomfort to your fury pets Transmit blood parasites Heavy tick infestation can result in blood lossand anemia. Flea bite can lead to allergic skin reaction such as flea bite allergic dermatitis. How does Bayticol E.C. 6% work? ??? Bayticol helps control ectoparasites in fury pets as it kills ectoparasites -ticks, fleas, lice , mites and lice) ??? Kills both adult and larvae ticks at all stages ??? Prevents the laying of eggs by blood swollen engorged ticks ??? Can be used for pregnant and lactating bitches, debilitated dogs, as well as puppies How to Use: Users are required to dilute Bayticol prior to use: ??? 7ml per 10 liter of Water for normal infestation cases ??? 10ml per 10 liter Water for severe infestation cases How to apply: First bathe your fury pet with shampoo. Rinse off, then take a sponge and rub the diluted solution thoroughly over the entire body. Towel dry do not rinse off. Make sure that your dog dries off completely. You can use a blower or hair dryer. Please do not let your dog dry under the hot sun. DO NOT allow your dog to lick itself! It is important to rub the fur in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of hair growth. Pay particular attention to Paws and Ear Patches. Every 2 weeks or so repeat the flea control treatment when live ectoparasites reappear on your dog. Avoid using Bayticol 6% E.C. on dogs having a large wound on their skin. Use with caution if pet s skin is broken or irritated Bayticol pet med should not be administered to sick, debilitated or underweight animals. We are solely re-sellers not Veterinarians. Bayticol Flea Control should only be used as directed by the manufacturer. Please read the manufacturer???s instructions Instructions can be supplied in English. Storage: Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children and pets. Keep this product separated from food. First Aid If skin was exposed to the medication, wash thoroughly with great amounts of water.

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Bayticol Dog Flea Tick Control Demodex Mange Lice Mites Ectoparasiticide 100 ml

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bayticol dog flea tick control demodex mange lice mites ectoparasiticide 100 ml



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