BambooBaby Purely Natural Booties Infant Boy

or Girl Baby Gift Here is a super cute and soft pair of BambooBaby Booties that are made from Bamboo terrycloth inside and out with just enough Lycra sandwiched in between for adequate stretch. Your baby s feet will stay cool and dry. These are in the Purely Natural color and are made in the USA by Bamboosa. ~ Quick Helpful Service They make an excellent baby shower gift for an infant boy or girl, especially when paired with BambooBaby Socks, Pants, Tee, Washcloths, Bodysuit, Beanie Hat, or a Fitted Crib Sheet (also available in my store)! Comes from a smoke home. BambooBaby Products Are ... Safe, soft and natural products for your baby`s comfort and health Wicks moisture away from baby`s skin and stays dry Chemical and pesticide fabric against your baby`s tender skin Bamboosa Bamboo Products Are ... Natural Hypoallergenic : because bamboo contains a natural and unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic agent called `bamboo kun`, bamboo fiber clothing does not need any antimicrobial chemical additives, which often cause skin allergies and other irritations Anti-bacterial Odor : even after 50 washes, bamboo fiber fabric has a 70% elimination rate when incubated with bacteria - this natural anti-bacteria function along with the excellent permeability and evaporation of moisture makes bamboo apparel odor-free Breathable Cool : the cross-section of bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes which provides better moisture absorption and enhanced ventilation Biodegradable Eco-friendly : as a natural cellulose fiber, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and the decomposition process does not cause any pollution to the environment - compared to a fabric such as polyester which comes from petroleum, a depleting source and not biodegradable Absorbent Fast-drying : bamboo apparel is highly breathable and absorbent providing a distinctive cool, light texture and feel Soft Silky : along with the environmental benefits, fabric made from bamboo fiber is softer than cotton, feels similar to silk or cashmere and has a beautiful sheen Combined Discount! The listed cost applies only to the one item in your order with the highest cost. A 90% fee discount will be applied to all additional items in your order! Thank You For Looking!

Bamboo Baby Purely Natural Booties Infant Boy or Girl Gift

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bamboo baby purely natural booties infant boy girl gift



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