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- Nonfiction Books Author: Bob Woodward Edition Description: Illustrated Publisher: Simon Schuster Category: History ISBN-10: 0743204735 ISBN-13: 9780743204736 Format: Ppaerback Condition: Publication Year: 2002 List Price (MSRP) : 28.00 Height : 1.1800 inches Width : 6.3800 inches Length : 9.1300 inches Weight : 1.5000 pounds Synopsis The distinguished investigative reporter goes behind the scenes at the White House to report on how the President and his advisors shaped a response to the events of 9/11. Interviews with key players reveal the story of the war on terror and the homeland security initiative. Size Length: 384 pages Height: 9.5 in. Width: 6.5 in. Thickness: 1.2 in. Weight: 23.2 oz. Publisher s Note A behind-the-scenes account based on hundreds of interviews with top officials surveys the first eighteen months of the Bush administration to consider how the president and his advisors are responding to unprecedented wartime circumstances and a faltering economy. Industry reviews Mr. Woodward, who prizes immediacy over analysis, rarely interrupts his forward-marching narrative with any sort of commentary that might situate events in a larger political or historical context. many major players...are underplayed or completely ignored. York Times - Michiko Kakutani (11/22/2002) What s remarkable about Woodward s book is the same thing that was remarkable about many of his others--extraordinary access to secret documents, like contemporaneous notes of National Security Council meetings, and to high officials, including President Bush, who submitted to a 2-hour-25-minute interview of lively give and take. York Times Book Review - Thomas Powers (12/15/2002) I doubt that any other history of a time of crisis has reproduced the words of so many of the leading participants so close to the event....But it is a history of a curious kind, lacking the essentials of a historian s work; context, analysis, a point of view. York Review of Books - Anthony Lewis (02/13/2003)

BUSH AT WAR By Bob Woodward

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bush at war by bob woodward



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