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ry - Now FREE! Payment Additional Information Auto Knitter Machine Knitting Knit Manual Book 1923 The Auto Knitter Instruction Book! Spiral Bound Book Republication™ Originally Published 1923! If you are the first to bid, using the buy-it-now option, you win! Don t wait, bid now! Up for bid is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republication™ of our original " The Auto Knitter Instruction Book!" "Better than a hundred hands!" This item contains extensive information for using the antique turn-of-century hand cranked knitting machines that are still all the rage! This HISTORIC item includes detailed instructions for making a wide variety of knit garments for men, women, teens children. There re even techniques to make the lovely fancy work patterns shown in the photo! (Original is NOT for sale) Our line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use! This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern s instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it s ease-of-use alone. I bet you ll love it too! This is certainly a fine source of historically valuable techniques and inspiration for the creative needlework, fabric and thread artists who desire to study and recreate the Victorian and Edwardian Era knitted clothing and clothing making techniques! This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own version of another wonderful arts and crafts instructional revealing our heritage from early America and European cultures! An excerpt: "This instruction book has been written for the person who has never seen a knitting machine, knows nothing about knitting of any kind and understands very little about mechanical things. By photographs and drawings everything is made so clear that almost anyone with a little study and application should readily learn to operate the Auto Knitter." CONTENTS Part I How to Use this Book How to Unpack the Machine How the Auto Knitter Works Names and Uses of Principal Parts Bed Plate Gear Ring and Crank Wheel Cam Shell Yarn Carrier Needle Cylinder Ribber Needle Dial Tappet Plate Needles Ribber Arm K L Yarn Stand Bobbin Weights How Cylinder Needles Make Stitches How the Cam Shell Operates the Cylinder Needles How the Ribber Works Part II Learning to Make Socks on the Auto Knitter How to Start Bobbin Winding Threading the Machine Setting Up Work How to Do Ribbed Work To Place the Ribbing Attachment in Position Putting Ribber Needles in Dial A Variety of Ribbed Stitches Transferring Stitches Cylinder to Dial 1 and 1 Rib Machine Set for 1-1 Rib Part III Standard Olde Tyme Socks To Form a Selvedge for Rib Work Dividing Work The Cuff of a Standard Sock Measuring Work Transferring Needles Dial Back to Cylinder Heel - First Half Machine Set for 3-1 Rib The Leg of a Standard Sock 3 and 1 Rib Heel - Second Half To Knit Foot Knitting the Toe Closing the Toe Finishing Knit Goods Standard Socks Mating Socks Sock with 1-1 Rib Cuff and 3-1 Rib Leg and Foot Instructions for Splicing Yarn Knitting Standard Socks How to Ship Hosiery Knitting Standard Socks Part IV Making Adjustments Cylinder Tension Adjustment - Length of Stitch - Tension Cam (D2) Upt hrow Cams (D6) Yarn Carrier (E) Placing and Removing Cylinder Needles The Dial Adjuster Making Adjustments The Tappet Plate Ribber Tension Timing the Ribber Needles Making Adjustments Heel Spring Weights Bobbin Changing Cylinders Holding Down Work To Put Work on the Machine Picking Up Dropped Cylinder Stitches Picking Up Dropped Rib Stitches Care of the Machine Oiling Needles Needle Cylinders Cautions Part V Knitting for Home Trade Sock with 1-1 Rib Cuff, and Plain Leg Knitting Flat Web Seaming Flat Web Taking the Stitches Re-Footing To Unravel Work While on the Machine To Form Selvedge for Plain Work Large Heel Pointed Toe Reinforcing Ladies Ribbed Hose, 3 and 1 Rib, with Scalloped Vandyke Top Narrowing Ankle Ladies Ribbed Hose, with Hem Top

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Auto Knitter Machine Knitting Knit Manual Book 1923

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auto knitter machine knitting knit manual book 1923



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