Abuelita Chocolate Marqueta gives you a

eartwarming sensation, satisfying your taste-buds and giving you an authentic Mexican chocolate. Abuelita Chocolate is laced with cinnamon and covered in coarse sugar, leaving you with an authentic delicious taste that makes you feel great inside, loved by generations upon generations. Abuelita chocolate marqueta makes your Hispanic desserts and meals wonderful, add it to mole or use it for churros, or just make Abuelita into a drink that the whole family will absolutely love. Abuelita is an experience youre sure to never forget. If youre in search of that touch of warmth and comfort you crave so badly, this rich and frothy chocolate is sure to delight you and add an authentic taste to your most traditional dishes. Abuelita Chocolate is some of the most quality Mexican chocolates in the world, enjoyed by countless people in countless ways. It comes in a lot of forms, a tablet form, syrup, instant mix, chocolate bars and more, and it is great to have when you want a delicious hot chocolate but don t quite have the time. Abuelita Chocolate, whether used for churros, mole, chocolate drink mix, or whatever you want to make taste delicious, Abuelita chocolate is a fantastic addition to your pantry. You ll experience all the warmth and good feelings this decadent and rich chocolate can provide, and youre sure to ask for another helping. Abuelita Chocolate marqueta will be a treat you ll cherish and enjoy always.

Abuelita Chocolate Marqueta 7 oz

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abuelita chocolate marqueta 7 oz



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