How To Get The Most From

Your Drill Press CHAPTER ONE THE DRILL PRESS Construction-Size-Power and Speed-Spindles-Inserting Spindle-Belt TensionInserting Drills-Centering Table-Adjusting Spindle Return Spring-Tilting Table CHAPTER TWO LAYING OUT THE WORK Laying Out Necessary-Tbe Combination Square-Hermaphrodite Calipers-Mark ing- Examples of Layout-Lay i ng Out Dowel Holes-Surface Gage-Puncbes CHAPTER THREE WOOD BITS Names of Parts-Common Styles of Wood Bits-Sc"rew and Brad Points-Conditioning- Other Bit Styles-Plug Cutters-Mortising Bits and Cbisels-Twist Drills for Wood-Sanding Drums--Grinding Wheels CHAPTER FOUR DRILLING PRACTICE IN WOOD Speed~Boring a Hole-Boring Holes at an Angle-Boring Holes to Depth-Boring Holes in Series-Holes in Round Work-Use of Pivot Pin-Boring Deep Holes -Boring Large Holes-Drilling Screw Holes-Countersinking-Boring Mortises-- Cutting Dowels--Boring Dowel Holes-Fitting Dowels CHAPTER FIVE TWIST DRILLS Twist Drills-Point Angle-Lip Clearance-How to Grind-Web Thinning-Drilling inBrass CHAPTER SIX DRILLING PRACTICE IN METAL Clamping Is Important-Stop Bolts-Strap Clamp_Parallels--Standard FixturesGuarding Against Spring-Mounting Work Verttcal-Use of Vise-Use of Latbe Chuck-Other Job Set-ups-Drawing a Drill-Countersinking-Countersinking Plate -Drilling Round Stock-Drilling Large Holes-Drilling Very Small Holes--Drilling Sheet Metal-Drilling for Tapped. Holes-Starting the Tap-Tap Styles-Tapping on tbe Drill Press CHAPTER SEVEN ROUTING ON THE DRILL PRESS Routing-Using Mortising Fence-Guard-Rotation and Feed-Use of Circular Saw Fence-Routing Curved Work-Rabbeting-Cross Routing-Using Small Router Bits -Routing with Pattern-Mortising-Fluting-Cutting Rosettes-Using Pivot Pin- Production Work CHAPTER EIGHT SHAPING ON THE DRilL PRESS Adaptability-Position of Head-Cutters-Methods of Working CHAPTER NINE MORTISING ON THE DRILL PRESS conversion-Inserting chisel-cutting the mortise-variations CHAPTER TEN MISCELLANEOUS DRILL PRESS OPERATIONS Drilling Glass-Drilling Slate and Marble-Drilling Paper-Drilling Plastics-Milling -Cutting and Fitting Plugs-Carving-Surfacing-Sanding-Sanding witb Pattern CHAPTER ELEVEN USEFUL IDEAS Spinning Rivets-Making Flat Drill_Fluting Turned Work-Boring Jigs-Cutting Disks-Cutting Tenons-Circle Jig-Mixing Paint-Engine Finisb-Pointing Dowel Rod-Using Drill Press as Vise--Sanding Tab l e Legs-Tapering Dowels-Polisbing APPENDIX Decimal Equivalents--Number-size Drills-Letter-slz;e Drills--Drill Sizes for Machine and Wood Screws-Standard Drill Press Operating Speeds-Drill Lubricants-Glass Table-Board Measure-Drill Speeds Allow 2 to 5 Business Days to Ship MANUAL WILL SHIP ON A CD , THIS IS NOT A PAPER MANUAL Thanks For Looking Powered by Atomic Mall AtomicTransporter The listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. 00017

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How To Get The Most From Your Drill Press

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how get most from your drill press



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