Gold trim white body raised green

n,red gold dragon design applied with moriage slip and hand painted. The handles are covered in brown and red slip with white dots representing scales. 2 1/4" high cups with an opening diameter of 3 3/4", foot ring 1 3/4". Saucers are 5 1/4" diameter with the same dragon designs. Very good used condition with some gold trim wear and a few paint work scratches. These were purchased with a partial Tea set. The cups have a lithophane bottom with the head of a geisha which several references say is actually the Empress. bottom mark in block letters YAKUMO. The moriage (slip work) dragon design is detailed, but lightly applied. From my research this usually indicates a newer piece, but I am only guessing. I am estimating the current retail value at around $40.00 a set. I estimate the issue date to be late 1950 s-1970 s. Historical Data -- Dragonware usually applies to porcelain items with a raised decoration depicting oriental dragons. Primarily produced from the late 1800 s to the mid 1900 s. Most are decorated with a slip called moriage which gives them a three dimensional appearance. Older pieces are vibrant and have excellent slip detail. D1-002(0314)(20)

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Yakumo Dragonware Cup & Saucer Set Lithophane Geisha Heads

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yakumo dragonware cup saucer set lithophane geisha heads



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