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Ushio 400 watt Aqualite CWA 10K Metal Halide Live Coral
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We strive to give you the healthiest, most hearty captive raised corals. Our Live Coral Farm propagates a large variety of corals to help sustain the wild reefs. We are continually farming & propagating new species. Our venture into the reef keeping hobby began in 1989.

We farm & propagate SPS, LPS, Leathers, Frogspawns, Hammers, Torches, Blastomussa, Favias, Candy Canes, Chalices, Zoanthids, Ricordea, & other exotic mushroom corals, & many, many more.

If you have an exotic coral you'd like us to look at farming, just let us know. We'll trade you for it!

Thanks for supporting Tank Raised Corals and Live Coral Farming!

Ushio 400 watt Aqualite CWA
10K Metal Halide Bulb

Brand new

Mogul base screw type bulb

Ushio 400 watt Aqualite CWA 10,000K metal halide lamp with single ended mogul base screw type E39 base. Total bulb length including base is 10.83 inches. Aqualite CWA 10,000K lamps approximate equatorial daylight at 5 meters of ocean depth. This lamp is designed to operate on a standard domestic ballast. Ushio bulbs are made in Germany to the highest quality standards. Reliable and consistent for trouble free operation. 18500 luminous flux (lumens). 95 PAR value per watt. 90 CRI value. Ushio Aqualite metal halide lamps utilize proprietary rare-earth mixtures to provide the most consistent lamp color over the entire lifetime of that lamp. Ushio's arc tube forming process and coatings ensure that light degradation levels are kept to a minimum. For the best health of your aquarium and reef system, it is recommended that you schedule regular lamp changes depending upon your timing cycles and rated lamp life, generally every 10 to 12 months. Ushio bulbs have set the standard for high quality lighting that all other bulbs must follow. Bulbs have a 6 month prorated warranty.

Reef Corals.com will exchange this bulb for a new one if it is initially defective.  Just send me an email to let me know the problem.  We stand behind the quality products we sell. 

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