ACER Aspire M5100 tower computer with

an AMD Athlon X2 4400+ Dual Core, One AWESOME Computer Selling soon....... One AWESOME Acer Tower style computer..... There are some small scratches and imperfections in the case. The stats are: Has your normal DVD-RW - DVD Burner - which can be upgraded to a Blu-Ray. The DVD-burner drive is of the SATA interface type. A Blu-Ray player will work nice with the software Leawo for windows 7. One 240 GB PNY SSD CS900, with transfer rates as high as 6GB per second, the motherboard inside does data speeds at SATA II. Rated life of this SSD is 2 million hours!!! The SSD does have Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit installed. One 1 TB HD Samsung 103SJ 7200 RPM 32 MB install your games on and put photos from your phone or camera on. The Original 300 Watt Power supply still in very awesome condition is still in it. The Processor is: An AMD Athlon X2 4400+ 2.30 GHZ, Dual Core, Socket AM2 - 940. Hyper Transports: 2000 MHz L1 Cache: 128KB+128KB L2 Cache: 2 x 512KB Manufacturing Tech: 65nm 64-Bit Support: Yes - can use the resources available when a 64 bit version of Windows is installed Hyper-Transport Support: Yes Virtualization Technology Support: Yes Processor Released late 2006... The Computer does have 8 GB s of memory....which is the maximum that this motherboard can take...And you need a 64 bit version of windows to see and use the full 8 GB s of the memory.... The Separate Graphics card is: ATI Radeon 5450 XA81KLC Ver. 2.0 PCIe Video Graphics Card 1GB VGA HDMI DVI, With drivers for Windows 7 installed. Please note: this computer s motherboard does have ATI Based on-board graphics......which is a ATI Radeon X1250, will work with the VGA port on the back of this computer with out drivers, but the on-board HDMI port will not work as there is no drivers available from AMD/ATI for Windows 7. Do you miss playing the old World War II based Call of Duty games? ....Play all of the old Windows XP Games..Install Windows XP Pro or Home. AND Add your own High(er) capacity HD or SSD. Add your own cool PCI-E video card (along with upgrading the power supply)...if they will fit. This computer is very quiet when running, and taken care of......Very Clean inside and out....see the photos... Furthermore this Computer comes with an installed Enhanced Wireless G Wi-fi card by Dynex Auto Detects wifi networks..... The monitor that is pictured is not longer available....the price has been lowered to reflect that fact. HDMI cable is included. Does include a few little utilities that a lot of people swear by....including myself. CCleaner - A registry cleaner an uninstaller - hard disk cleaner a very awesome utility. Recuva - recovers files that you accidentally delete Speccy - tells you the specifics of your computer in very great detail. Defraggler - a disk defragging tool. All made by piriform... I do have a keyboard for this, it is a fairly ACER even. I do not have a mouse, at this time.......

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ACER Aspire M5100 tower computer with an AMD Athlon X2 4400+ Dual Core..LOCAL PICK-UP

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acer aspire m5100 tower computer with an amd athlon x2 4400 dual core local pick up



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