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rs of vintage, not very popular perhaps limited production run software packages for the IBM PC. Up to BUY NOW is: A set of 2 VINTAGE software packages from 1990. The First is LotusWorks. Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Spellchecker Thesaurus, Graphics, Communications This set of books and software disks are like new. Please see all info below to see what condition this is all in: Includes: The LotusWorks Reference Guide - Very thick paperback book, a little under an inch thick - like new. The LotusWorks Quick Reference guide - 19 pages - like new. The LotusWorks Tutorial - a little under a half inch thick - also like new. The license agreement - like new. Installing LotusWorks Card - like new. Lotus The Magazine Subscription offer card - mint. The Registration Card - mint. Lotus Prompt Hotline instructions card - almost mint. The 2 3.5 inch disks - still sealed!!!!!! The MASTER INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS card. This installs the 2 programs included in this Buy it now. The Second is Lotus Magellan. Also Vintage and not very popular TODAY, but MAYBE COLLECTIBLE, USABLE. Was a fairly popular software product in 1990. Lotus Magellan was a DOS-based desktop search package, back in the day. This part of the Buy it now includes: The still sealed Quick Launch, Explorer s Guide, Idea Book - about 3/4ths of an inch thick. The yellow Lotus Prompt card- for customer support - Like new. Exclusive offer card to buy lotus 1-2-3 - like new. Registration card - like new. Lotus Magazine card - like new. The Lotus Magellan Install and program disk(s) (2) - still sealed. The Master Installation Disk - States on disk Step by step Installation for: Lotus Magellan, Lotus Works, Calendar Creator Plus, PFS: First Publisher, PGA Tour Golf, Quicken" PLEASE NOTE As stated below it is unknown to me if the other programs are included. All potential buyers please note: This second software package the 3.5 inch disk (Master installation disk) does state that there is other software on them like the golf game etc. I do not know for sure if these are actually on any of the 3.5 inch disks actually included in this BUY IT NOW!!!!! This Buy it now is for the Programs "Lotus Magellan" and "LotusWorks" Please ask any questions you may have.......................................Thanks for looking.....................................................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!!

LotusWorks, Lotus Magellan..ONE Lot of 2 Vintage Software Packages, . NICE CONDITION!

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lotusworks lotus magellan one lot 2 vintage software packages nice condition



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