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r unique items.....possibly from South of the border? This item looks to be an artsy.....mug....but not necessarily to drink from... This seller does not Recommend it as it is unknown if it is safe......to drink from looks to be poured from a mold..... Is shaped like a woman s breast.... The "Handle" is a naked woman in a "Sitting on her knees position" The front of of this item has the nipple of a single breast....with a hole in it.....possible to drink from... Has a full areola around the nipple... Outside of the areola has the words "HOY NO SE FIA" It measures about 6 1/2 inches tall - from the base to the top of the breast.About 5 1/2 inches wide at the widest part - from the back of the breast to the end of the nipple.About 7 inches long....from the naked woman s knee-caps to the right side of the breast Please see all photos.... Thank You in advance for your business!!!!

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Unique Collectible Mug, or other art, glazed. Looks like a woman's breast! LOOK!

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unique collectible mug other art glazed looks like a woman 39 s breast look



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