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that tough to find movie in VHS format!!!! Up for Buy It Now is: ARTISAN Entertainment s................ NEVER 2 BIG............. Starring Ernie Hudson(The Substitute), Nia Long (Loves Jones), Donnie Wahlberg(Ransom), LAST BUT NOT LEAST Shemar Moore(The Young And The Restless and of course Criminal Minds). Approx 100 mins. Screener Edition..... Full Screen version. Condition Note: This seller bought this item and is still sealed in the original Studio/Distributor Stamped name plastic, so you can count on that it is not a re-seal from a rental store. VHS Tape Condition: and Sealed. Paperboard Case is: near Mint Condition. Take a walk down memory lane! Enjoy your movies in a good old-fashioned way! VHS tapes are becoming harder and harder to find these days. Plus, VHS tapes last long and are filled of memories for generations to come! They are easy to operate, just pop them in and press play. If you want some quality movie time with family, VHS is just the right thing for you! NOTE/REMINDER: TO PREVENT RUINING YOUR TAPE, PLEASE CLEAN THE HEADS OF YOUR VCR BEFORE PLAYING ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NOT USED IT IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!! Please see all photos. As they show front, Back of case. Show the of the movie as well. Show studio stamp on plastic.. Please ask any questions you may have......................Thanks for looking.........................Thank You in advance for your business!!!!!!!

Movie 'NEVER 2 BIG' - New VHS Rare Full Length Screener Edition,Shemar Moore.

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movie 39 never 2 big 39 vhs rare full length screener edition shemar moore



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