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e: 4089 checkout All the materials you need to help you open your psychic connection. This is a wonderful kit for the beginner and for the experienced worker. 4 purple candles 9.5 inches tall (scented) 1 white candle 6.5 inches tall (unscented) The white candle will have the scent of the purple candles. To un scent the white candle just separate it from the kit for a while and the scent will go away. 1 bag salt 54 g 1 frankincense incense stick 1 notebook comes from no smoking no animal home Instructions are included only as guidelines.Change them as you see best for you. Use the notebook to jot down random thoughts and feelings during the day and also recording dreams after waking. A few lines, a few minutes and you will notice that patterns tend to emerge. The color purple is used to obtain desires, power and success. Can stimulate idealism and psychic manifestations and help make contact with the spiritual world. The color white has the highest consciousness to protect, purify, and heal. Represents truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality. Frankincense is burned to dispel negativity, purify spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions and attract good luck.

Psychic Spell Kit Ritual Candles Incense Salt

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psychic spell kit ritual candles incense salt



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