Introducing the TFR 1 Classic with

signal attenuator. Built by the designer of the TFR series rods, the signal attenuator is version 1.5 of the TFR-1 T.D. Target Discriminator. The TFR classic series is an improvement over the original series featuring larger bait chamber and air coils for better target location. Can be used to search for gold, silver or any precious metals. Water and oil also. If you can fit it into the bait chamber you can search for it. The SMA dipole antenna allows for extra range and durability over the original 3mm antenna still sold on clone rods. The SMA connection allows for tuned antennas to be used further increasing target separation and location abilty. Cap is knurled for easy removal. The RBW proprietary power load uses multifrequency charged crystals and three source mildly radioactive synergy mix. Virtually frictionless handle is available in standard 3/4 or 1" diameter for no extra charge. Comfort is a main concern when using the instrument for long sessions. Why is my price lower than the competitions poorly built clones? I buy in volume and only charge a modest box construction fee. As the TFR series is considered a budget line I pass to saving on to you. Visit for more detail on the rod construction, power loads or to build your own custom rod.

TFR-1 Classic Dowsing Rod

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tfr 1 classic dowsing rod



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