The son of Beth sheba and

David (of sling-shot/rock/Goliath fame), Solomon was King of the Hebrews in the 10th century B.C., and his reign lasted the relatively long span of about forty years. He therefore had time to do much for the betterment of his kingdom. He built numerous cities, the first grand temple in Jerusalem, and even foundries and furnaces for copper smelting in the Negev Desert. Under Solomons leadership, Israel reached the height of its glory and territorial dimensions in the ancient days, and for the most part this was accomplished peacefully. He was able to establish friendships even alliances with some of the past (and future) antagonists of Israel, namely Egypt and Phoenicia. The Scriptures speaks well of King Solomon, of how he managed to preserve his profound sense of fairness and justice in spite of the vast power he possessed. And Solomons great wisdom has become proverbial. One tale tells of two women who both claimed to be the mother of the same child. To figure out which one was being truthful, Solomon handed his sword to a soldier and commanded him to split the baby into two halves and to give one piece to each woman. The real mother begged the king to spare her son and to grant him to the other woman. Whether Solomon really intended to chop the kid up is doubtful but beyond our ability to ascertain, but by their reactions the wise monarch discovered which womans story was true, and thus the problem was solved without resorting to infant bisection. Alas, like so many other wonders of the ancient world, the glory depicted in the scriptures, Solomons kingdom has vanished and is impossible to confirm by modern archaeological methods. Attributes of the Weapon:King Solomons broadsword is laden with traditional Jewish symbols and designs: The Star of David on the cross guard and pommel; the seven-candled menorah customary of Judaism also on the cross guard. At the ends of the quill ions are figures of a griffon-like creature with the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a man wearing a kippah on his head and a braided beard on his face. Etched on the blade and forged into the metal of the pommel, handle and cross guard are patterned designs based on the harmonious confluence of the Jewish and Muslim cultures and religions that King Solomons Israel represented. Note: Wall display is wooden and brown in color. Design subject to change. Please note that the image on the cross guard may just have Menorahs on both sides. Features Stainless Steel Sword Star of David Design Ark of the Covenant Design Menorah Design Solid Wood Display Specifications Overall Length: 51 Inches Blade Length: 37 Inches Blade: Stainless Steel, Factory Edge Guard: Cast Metal Alloy (Decorative) Handle Material: Resin Pommel: Resin Features: Star of David, Ark of the Covenant, Menorah Includes: Solid Wood Display--ss--

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