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the farmer himself, this tradition is now available for the outside world to enjoy. Comes in an 18.25 oz. (540ml) can. Medium grade Pure maple syrup is an all-natural energy booster and a superior sweetener choice to help fuel your body before, during and after a workout. With over 54 antioxidants and rich in manganese and zinc, this sweetener helps protect muscle cells from oxidative damage caused by intense physical exercise and is a great nutritional source for muscle recovery. Benefits of Maple Syrup: Contains Numerous Antioxidants Gets a Lower Score on the Glycemic Index Fights Inflammatory Diseases May Help Protect Against Cancer Helps Protect Skin Health Alternative To Sugar For Improved Digestion Supplies Important Vitamins and Minerals Healthier Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners Purity at its best !! Product Details : Ideal with pancake Table syrup replacement Mild taste Gluten Each spring, for only a few weeks a special event occurs. Canadian farmers proudly extract a barely sweet, clear sap from their snow-covered maple trees, as they have for decades. This sap is processed using time-honoured methods handed down for more than 200 years. The syrup produced in this method is a deep source of pride, meeting the most stringent of quality standards. Maple Syrup is 100% pure and natural. Try Maple Syrup on pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream or fruit. Can may not be exacly as show. Refrigerate after opening.

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Quebec 100 PURE Canadian Maple Syrup From Canada

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quebec 100 pure canadian maple syrup from canada



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