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the Box HYScent Solo Fragrance Fan Diffuser, item no. 803111, made by HYSO LLC, made in China. HYscent Solo Compact, sleek, effective for single rooms ?? Fragrances up to 250 sq. ft. ?? Silent operation centrifugal dual-fan technology ?? Batteries and last up to 16 months (twoC-cell high-performance alkaline) ?? Simple to operate; minimal programming to operate ?? Installs in seconds, can be mounted with a theft-proof option ?? Versatile mounting options ?? Used with HYscent refills HYscent® is your 5 "S??? Solution to Air Care Management Safe All natural product created from the earth with a blend of 13 essential oils and fragrances ?? Non-Allergenic ?? No harmful chemicals ?? No dangerous propellants ?? All-dry system. All refills are dry cartridges ??? no mess! ?? Less maintenance required ??? less ladder time! Simultaneous Eliminates malodor while introducing a refreshing fragrance in to the environment (or fresh and clean unscented) Scientific Does not mask odor! It eliminates odor at the molecular level. Odoraxe??? technology distorts malodor. Simple Easy to manage, requires very little maintenance and easy to operate Smart financially HYscent is more cost-effective than other products that simply mask odors and are difficult to maintain, such as aerosols, hydrogen cells, liquids and multi-phase systems. Contact us to see how HYscent can be deployed in your facility. ** All information about HyScent has been copied directly from the product website. Please ask all questions before comit to purchase.

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Solo Hyso HYScent Fragrance Fan Diffuser,White 803111

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solo hyso hyscent fragrance fan diffuser white 803111



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