Dracula Resurrection TWO CD ROM SET

for Windows 95/98/ME/XP Copyright Year: 2000 Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive, Inc. ESRB Rating: MATURE 17+ (Animated Violence & Mature Sexual Themes) Encounter the Myth...Experience the Adventure! Inspired By The Novel By Bram Stoker London, 1904. Dracula Resurrection is a story based on the characters from Bram Stoker s novel. The book ended as Dracula rose from his coffin bed only to be defeated by a stake to the heart, and turned to dust by the last rays of the setting sun. Jonathan takes his rescued fianc??e to London to recover from the illness caused by the puncture marks in her neck. The game commences 7 years later. Married to Mina and comfortably living in London, Jonathan thinks the nightmare is behind them until one day he return home to a letter. Mina has written that she has gone to Transylvania, finally unable to ignore the call of her blood. Jonathan follows quickly and discovers he has very little time to find Mina before it is too late. For you see, Dracula has returned... Dracula Resurrection will immerse you in a storyline rich in atmosphere. The call of the wolf or hoot of an owl under a graphically splendid full moon panorama will surely send a shiver down your spine. The cinematically complete cut-scenes and haunting musical score will keep you glued to your seat wanting more. With this winning combination of story, visual masterpiece and haunting sound, Dracula is a game that must not be missed. Product Features: Become completely immersed in an adventure that you won t soon forget Challenging riddles and puzzles throughout Incredibly realistic 3D environments Unprecedented 3D characters Cinematic quality cut scenes Full 360 degree panoramic viewing System Requirements: Windows 95/98: Pentium 166MHz processor, 32MB of RAM (64 MB for Windows 98), 16-bit Video Card, 16-bit Sound Card, 8X CD-ROM Drive. in factory-sealed Jewel Case as pictured! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!

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Dracula Resurrection (2PC-CDs, 2000) for Windows 95/98 - NEW Sealed Jewel Case

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dracula resurrection 2pc cds 2000 windows 95 98 sealed jewel case



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