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City All Spark Boost Pedal TC-T15 Tone City are back again with another amazing little drive pedal this time focusing on clean to low gain boosts. Using a very simple one knob and two switch control layout you can fit the All Spark in to any rig within minutes of getting out of the box. Set it up once and you are ready to go at any gig. Single Gain Control A lot of boost pedals these days are filled with a bunch of unnecessary controls that are not really needed for day to day use. So with this simpler single control setup you can get a pure clean volume boost that depending on your amp will push it slightly dirty or just give you a nice boost in volume for the next time you want to go into a sweet solo. Fat And Bright Switches Having a bright switch is a must on any boost pedal as it gives you that extra bit of bite you would want when going in to a solo. The Fat switch is really interesting and is not something you see everyday on a small boost like this. With this you can adjust the low end response of the amplifier so if you find your sound becoming a bit thin with the boost engaged you can fatten it up with just a flick of a switch. At the end of the day it is your pedal and you want it to sound great no matter what amp or guitar you are using and these switches mean it does just that. . . Product Specs Condition: Make: Tone City Model: TC-T15 Booster Guitar Pedal Categories: Overdrive Boost,

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Tone City All Spark Boost TC-T15 Effect Pedal Micro Hand Made True Bypass Ships Free

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tone city all spark boost tc t15 effect pedal micro hand made true bypass ships free



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