and NANCY DUSSAULT star as Henry and Muriel Rush, owners of a two-family house in San Francisco. Henry is a conservative cartoonist who authors a comic book called COSMIC COW. During scenes in which Henry draws in his bedroom, Knight used his earlier acquired ventriloquism talents for comical conversations with a hand-puppet version of "Cosmic Cow." Muriel is a laid back freelance photographer, having been a band singer in her earlier days. They have two grown children, older daughter, brunette Jackie (DEBORAH VAN VALKENBURGH) who works for a bank and younger daughter Sara (LYDIA CORNELL), a blonde bombshell and a college student at San Francisco State University. At the start of the premiere episode, Jackie and Sara are living with their parents in a cramped, awkward arrangement. Their longtime downstairs tenant, Neville Rafkin, recently died. The family discovers Rafkin was a transvestite and the many strange women Henry had been opening the door for all those years were actually Rafkin himself. Jackie and Sara convince their parents to allow them to move into the now-vacant downstairs apartment. In a running gag, Henry falls off the girls ultra-modern chairs or couch every time he attempts to sit down. Despite the daughters push for independence and moving into the downstairs apartment, Henry proves to be a very protective father and constantly meddles in their affairs. A few episodes into the series, Sara s addle-headed friend Monroe Ficus, played by actor JM J. BULLOCK, made an appearance. Although Monroe was originally intended to be used for only a single episode, producers added the character to the series and he became just a "friend" of Sara s and Henry s principal (if unintended) foil. During its second season, the series principal stories are focused around Muriel s pregnancy. Additionally, Henry s niece April (DEENA FREEMAN) comes from Delaware to live with the Rush family. The season concludes with Muriel giving birth to a son, Andrew (later played regularly by twins WILLIAM and MICHAEL CANNON from 1983-1984). For the third season, April departs and the character of Muriel s mother, Iris Martin (AUDREY MEADOWS) is added in order to help take care of Andrew. In its final season, the show was re-titled THE TED KNIGHT SHOW. Neither Jackie nor Sara appeared in this season. Henry, Muriel and Andrew move to a house in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Henry leaves the cartoonist profession and becomes editor and 49% owner of a newspaper, The Marin Bugler, while Muriel takes a job with the paper as a photographer. Monroe becomes a reporter-in-training at the paper. Hope Stinson (PAT CARROLL) owns the other 51% of the Bugler, creating friction with Henry. Lisa Flores (LISA ANTILLE) was also added to the cast as the Rushes maid and romantic interest for Monroe. THE TED KNIGHT SHOW was added to the TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT package in syndication and was re-titled as part of that series. This 18-Disc collection includes all six seasons in 3-Disc sets with all 129 episodes. EPISODES: ??? SEASON 1 1. Pilot 2. It Didn t Happen One Night 3. The Bag Lady 4. Sara s Monroe Doctrine 5. Que Sara, Sara 6. Tenants Anyone? 7. Who s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 8. Mister Big 9. The Location 10. A Friend in Need 11. A Fine Romance 12. The Boy in the Band 13. Deadline for Henry 14. Huey 15. Centerfold 16. What s Wrong with Mr. Right? 17. Up Your Easter Bonnet 18. Cosmic Cow vs. the Oval Office 19. The Return of Rafkin ??? SEASON 2 (1981-1982) 20. Guess Who s Coming to Burp? 21. Your Guest is As Good As Mine 22. Who s Sara Now? 23. The Prince and the Frog 24. What s Our Rush? 25. Rafkin s Bum 26. Where There s a Will 27. The Remaking of Monroe 28. When the Bough Breaks 29. Cop-Out 30. April and September 31. A Fan for Henry 32. Brotherly Hate 33. Charlie s Last Hurrah 34. The Last Weekend 35. My Unfavorite Martin 36. Seventh Month Blues 37. As the Cookie Crumbles 38. Foreign Exchange 39. A Matter of Degree 40. A Policeman s Wife is Not a Happy One 41. Don t Shoot the Piano Movers ??? SEASON 3 (1982-1983) 42. Break Out the Pampers (Part 1) 43. Break Out the Pampers (Part 2) 44. Guess Who s Coming Forever? 45. A Snip in Time 46. The Luck of the Iris 47. Do You Take This Woman Again? 48. Who Was That Baby I Saw You With? 49. Monroe s Secret Love s Secret 50. A Thanksgiving Tale 51. Pressure s Rising 52. Mr. Christmas 53. The Yearning Point 54. Briefly at the Counter 55. To Buy or Not to Buy 56. The Separation 57. Girls of the Media 58. The Courier 59. The Adoption Story 60. Out to Lunch 61. A Portrait of Henry 62. Don t Rock the Boat 63. Family Business ??? SEASON 4 (1984) 64. The Enemy Above 65. Making Mountains Out of Molehills 66. Just Another Pretty Face 67. Home Is Where the Bart Is 68. High Infidelity 69. Son of the Groom 70. Witness for the Persecution 71. Henry Draws a Blank 72. Shipmates 73. Is There a Doctor in the House? 74. High and Inside 75. The Runaway 76. The Graduates 77. Goodbye, Mr. Chip 78. No Patsy, This Kelly 79. Hawaii Five-8 80. Quick on the Draw 81. The Missing Fink 82. The Sound of Mother 83. The Return of Mr. Wonderful 84. Divorce Chicago Style 85. Cinderella Update 86. Henry Bites the Big Apple ??? SEASON 5 (1985) 87. Drawing Room 88. Nearly Departed 89. My Son, the PhD 90. All in a Day s Unemployment 91. Devereaux Son 92. And Baby Makes Two 93. Reconcilable Differences 94. The Two Faces of Muriel 95. No Mas, Monroe 96. For Every Man, There s Two Women 97. Finders Keepers 98. These Stupid Things Remind Me of You 99. Terms of Endangerment 100. The British are Coming, The British are Coming 101. No Deposit, No Return 102. Off and Running 103. Accused, Confused and Abused 104. Arrivederci, Jackie 105. Ars Gratia Iris 106. Henry Enters the 80 s 107. Freddie Loves it, We Love It, You re Cancelled ??? SEASON 6 (1986-1987) 108. Henry s Change of Life 109. Front Page Monroe 110. Four is a Crowd 111. Ho-Ho Ho Chi Henry 112. Miss Marin Bugler 113. Garfield the Cat Joins the Marin Bugler 114. Bedtime for Henry 115. Educating Lisa 116. Henry s Novel Solution 117. Henry Gets Taken for a Ride 118. Late, Great Herbert Maxwell 119. Muriel s Fish Story 120. Ya Gotta Have Heart 121. Monroe s Critical Condition 122. Cyrano Henry 123. Family Feud 124. Rock Around Henry 125. Herb Kisses, Henry Tells 126. Believing is Seeing 127. Acropolis Now 128. Presenting Buddy Ficus 129. Lisa Goes Lottery Loco

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