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T#:14099Nellcor N-395 N 395 Medical Patient Monitor Pulse Oximeter Great Condition N395We gladly ship to most countries!Email us for a QuoteNellcor N-395 N 395 Medical Patient Monitor Pulse Oximeter Great Condition N395The Nellcor N-395 Pulse Oximeter with Oxismart XL Advanced Signal Processing reads through challenging motion conditions, cutting through nonspecific noise to find the pulse and track true Sp 02 and pulse rate values.The N-395 monitor is also equipped with SatSeconds Alarm Management, a breakthrough in clinician-programmable alarm sensitivity for pulse oximetry. SatSeconds Alarm Management empowers clinicians to manage nuisance alarms caused by short or rapid transient desaturations. Clinicians can set SatSeconds Alarm Management to trigger an alarm only when the SatSeconds "clock" reaches a user-defined limit of 0, 10, 25, 50, or 100 SatSeconds. When three or more violations occur in 60 seconds, an alarm will sound, even if the SatSeconds clock setting has not been reached. This is the SatSeconds "safety net". The N-395 is a portable pulse oximeter intended for use as a continuous non-invasive monitor of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (Sp 0 2) and pulse rate. It is intended for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. The N-395 is designed for hospitals, outpatient centers, intra-hospital transport, and home care. Hospital use typically covers such areas as general care floors, operating rooms, special procedure areas, intensive and critical care areas, surgicenters, sub-acute centers, special nursing facilities, sleep labs, and more.Specifications:Measurement Range:Sp 0 2: 1 - 100%Pulse Rate: 20 to 250 beats per minute (bmp)Accuracy Saturation (%Sp 0 2)+-1SD) Without Motion Adults: 70 - 100% +-2digits Neonates: 70 - 100%+-3digits 1-69% unspecified With Motion Adults Neonates: 70-100%+-3digits 1-69% unspecified Pulse Rate Without Motion: 20-250+-3digits With Motion: Normal physiologic range (e.g., 55-125bpm)+-5digitsElectricalInstrument Power Requirements: 100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA switch selectable. Fuses: 2 qty, .5 A, 250 volts, slow-blow, IEC (5x20mm)Battery: Lead-Acid Battery Capacity: A minimum of 2 hours with a fully charged battery under the following conditions: no alarms, and no analog or serial output devices attached. A completely discharged battery can be fully recharged in approximately 14 hours while unit is turned off or 18 hours while turned on. Charge/discharge cycles: at least 400 Sensor: The wavelength range of the light emitted is within the range of 250 nm to 1,000 nm with the energy not exceeding 10nw.For more information, click here to view the manualItem turns on and says "EEE4 low battery".Don t forget to place your buy. By looking on this product you agree to the following terms:Shipping Terms:Buyer pays all costs.Let us know if there is an issue with the costs, as they are automatically calculated by Atomic Mall.Shipments made to California must include 8.75% sales tax unless we are provided with a valid resale certificate.We reserve the right to ship with Fedex ground, USPS and any other carrier in the best interests of the buyer and seller.The Parcel post option shown is only available to alaska, Hawaii, and US territories only. If you select parcel post and you live in the lower 48 states you package may be sent by another carrier and/or an additional amount may be required.Payment Terms:Payment is to be made by PayPalPlease contact us if you have any questions about Atomic Mall s recent payment policy change.Payment is to be received within ten days of close of product.Should payment not be received within ten days the item will be re-listed and high buyder will forfeit.No personal checks will be accepted.International Terms: (These terms only apply to international shipments.)Buyer is responsible for all brokerage, customs, and or duty charges.Not all items are available for international shipment due to import/export regulations. In the event that we are unable to ship to buyers country, buyer will receive a full refund.Payment must be made in US Dollars. Money must be drawn against a US bank. Warranty Terms:No warranty nor guarantee is expressed or implied regarding: usability, functionality, merchantability, or cosmetic appearance of the item(s) in product.What you see in the picture(s) is what you get nothing more nothing less.Test results of item(s) in product are described to the best of our ability in the ad. The results of all tests that are performed are disclosed in the ad. Items sold as "Untested" are simply that we have been unable to test the item(s) due to missing cables/adapters/toner cartridge/ksu/etc, lack of time, or other restrictions, Such as when we sell a laptop that we don t have an AC adapter for.Our only guarantee is that you will receive the make and model listed in the ad.The maximum liability of Best Stuff To You is the high buy of the product.Return Terms:Returns are only allowed under cases of gross misrepresentation in the ad, such as when we describe a monitor as a fax machine. Such claims of misrepresentation must be filed within three days of receipt of shipment. Best Stuff To You reserves the right to replace the item(s) or refund the high buy solely at our discretion. Item must be returned in the original box and packaging.buyder must request a RMA number before returning item(s). Packages returned without a RMA number will become property of Best Stuff To You ten days after receipt unless buyer has paid return within the ten day period.All software and toner cartridges are sold as-is No returns.See the refund policy on the listing page or send a message for more information about our return policy.Shipping Damage Terms:Seller will file a claim(s) upon behalf of the buyer with common carrier in the event shipment(s) is/are damaged during shipping, in some cases. Not retaining the original box and packaging may affect the carriers decision on a claim.Seller will commence filing the claim once buyer has filed the damage report with the seller. Buyer must notify seller within 48 hours of receipt of a damaged shipment.Medical Terms:The following terms apply to any and all medical items or any item offered for sale in any medical category or any item that Atomic Mall deems these terms are applicable to:The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not buy on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before of the item.The buyer will not hold the seller, Atomic Mall or the item s manufacturer responsible for the appropriate or inappropriate use of this device either by the user or a third party. Once purchased, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to assume any and all liability from the use of this device.Please note before looking that any medical equipment purchased should be completely tested by a qualified biomedical technician prior to being put into serviceDan Rydell in San Diego, CA, USAPhone: 619-519-0869Business name: Best Stuff To YouItem Condition Terms:The description for "used" given in the item specifics is Atomic Mall s definition of "used" and does not necessarily describe this item. Atomic Mall requires a condition from the options of 1. new, 2 new, other, 3Used, 4 for parts or not workingClearly there is a gray area between 3 and 4.It is not fair to the buyer or seller to say for parts or not working when it is just "untested".On these listings, our company s condition "used" does NOT necessarily mean "fully operational and functions as intended". If fact it may have unknown flaws and deficiencies. the item has only been tested to the extent described in the testing notes. Additional testing may be performed upon request of the buyer before shipment to ensure a satisfactory transaction for both parties.If any provision of this product Contract is held unenforceable, All remaining provisions of this Contract shall remain in full force and effect. 13 beststuff2u- All Rights Reserved.

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Nellcor N-395 N 395 Medical Patient Monitor Pulse Oximeter Great Condition N395

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nellcor n 395 n 395 medical patient monitor pulse oximeter great condition n395



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