Amish Crafted Buggy Bird House with

cast aluminum wheels and shafts. This birdhouse is made to look like the actual Amish used road horse drawn buggys used in Ohio, Pennsylvania, York, and other Amish settlements in the USA. The nesting area is 3 by 4 inches. 5 3/4 by 7 3/4 size includes the wheels. Buggy shaft is 7 inches long. Actual overall height is 8 inches. Weight is 2 pounds without birds or nesting materials. Top removes for very easy cleanout. The birdhouse entrance hole is 1 inch which should attract a bird about the size of a finch. Designed to hang on your porch and give your birds a unique home. The Amish handmade buggy is designed for house wrens. The black and silver Amish made bird house is good quality painted wood with painted cast aluminum spoked wheels and shafts which makes this a most unique wren bird house. The buggy bird house has a removable top for inspection and easy cleanout. A poly rope is included for hanging the birdhouse. Vent holes are on the top side for ventilation. Drain slots are located on the bottom sides of the bird house. The birdie buggy is designed and made by Amish craftsmen.

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Amish Crafted Buggy Bird House with cast aluminum wheels and shafts

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amish crafted buggy bird house with cast aluminum wheels shafts



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