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TENGDA Super Chinese Diet Pills Lot 5 Boxes Instant Weight Loss USA Ship Genuine
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Welcome to our slimbeauty store! We sell mainly diet pill , & also sell various makeup products & other misc. items. We add new products daily, so make sure to check our store often!

Feel free to update us on your weight loss progress, if you buy any of our diet pills! Or if your looking to lose weight & not sure which of our diet pills is best for you, please ask & we'll consult with you to find the best diet pill that works specifically for your body & all health needs!

If you have questions, please ask before making a purchase, or for any other problems you may have, we appreciate your questions & feedback! We value all of our customers & will do what we can to provide you with the best buying experience!

You are buying a lot of five brand new in box, Super Tengda Instant Weight Loss Target Belly Fat Slimming Diet Pills

5 Boxes- 150 Capsules - 5 Month Supply

Modern medical science proves that the human obesity is resulted from the over adsorption of heat . The small intestine change the surplus heat into fat and preserve them around small intestine .So, there are parlance that "the belly stand out first with fat man " among the people, then the fat radiate slowly to four limbs as the belly the center, make the four limbs obese, thus influence beauty and health gradually. International weight-reducing authority newly proposed the theory that" reduces belly first on weight reductio n with growing lean on redu cingbelly ".
"Be lean immediately rM,, weight reduction capsule of lessening the abdomen and lifting the buttocks selected many kinds of natural green plants .which have the effect of losing weight, such as the nut, Common Fenugreek Seed , guarana fruit ,apple. kiwi fruit , the lemon and ponkan makdarin etc. and refined with the modern science and technology .It is characterized by the small dosage,quick effective with safe and non-toxic .On fast losing weight and lessening the abdomen, its uniquefruit formula on lifting buttocks contain large amount of pectins, the plant collagen, Vitamins C and potassium and many kinds of microelements .Especially for the nutritional demand of buttocks ,the capsule can tighten the buttocks skin and obtain lifting the buttocks to restore your healthy and beautiful condition of "slender waist and raising buttocks -

Take 1 Capsule a day 30 minutes before breakfast and drink lots of water and keep hydrated for best results!

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