TAIG DSLS 3000 4 AXIS CNC MILL! INCLUDES DESKPROTO 5.0 Full Version SOFTWARE! THE LATEST AND BEST IN CNC DESKTOP MACHINES! This Listing Is For A TAIG DSLS3000 Mill ..FACTORY FRESH! DEARMOND TOOL (806) 381-8898 E-Mail Us! With Your Questions! <<<<<< OH BOY!!! STUFF!! >>> >> FREE.... 6 PIECE ER-16 COLLET SET FREE..... MILLING VISE FREE..... 2 END MILLS 1ea.... 3/32" 3/16" ABOUT THE MILL!! THE MILL INCLUDES THE LATEST DSLS 3000 CONTROLLER, CAD/CAM AND CONTROLLER SOFTWARE! WHAT IS DSLS DSLS control utilizes a advanced proprietary mathematical servo control algorithm that locks the encoder feedback pulse signal stream with the command pulse signal stream. If the encoder pulse rate deviates from the commanded pulse rate the algorithm forces the two signals back into synchronization. In this way the commanded velocity and position are always followed. THIS IS AN AMERICAN MADE MILL... NOT A GARAGE MADE RETROFIT! LOOK at the features listed below! HARDWARE : 12" X Travel, .... 5.5" Y Travel, ...6" Z Travel. Heavy Duty ER 16 Spindle. 1,100 to 11,000 RPM Spindle Full 1/4 H.P. Spindle Motor 1 YEAR WARRANTY Robust 1/2" Drive Screws! Big 200 Oz. Inch Axis Drive Motors Up To 100 IPM Rapid Speed Up To 60 IPM Continuous Contouring Speed Includes The Rotary Axis As Shown! Includes 3 Jaw Chuck For The Rotary As Shown! Includes A TailStock As Shown! Includes 1/4 3/16 ER Collets! THESE ARE ROBUST, ACCURATE WORKING MACHINES... NOT TOYS! We Use The DSLS 3000 Mill In Our Shop Daily! These waxes were cut in our shop on the Taig DSLS 3000! WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW! DESKPROTO SOFTWARE INCLUDED This Offer Includes DeskProto Software! DeArmond Tool SUPPORT INCLUDED! Create Tool Paths NC Code In DeskProto ! We offer full support to get you going. We have helped literally hundreds of users get started in the CNC world.... and we can help you too. DEARMOND TOOL (806) 381-8898 questions dearmondtool With Your Questions! COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MILL Windows XP computer with Pentium 1 GHz or higher processor required. 20 MB Hard Drive. 128 MB Ram. S tandard DB25 printer port output. DEARMOND TOOL (806) 381-8898 WE OFFER FULL DEALER SUPPORT TO OUR CUSTOMERS! WE ARE THE ONLY TAIG DISTRIBUTOR TO OFFER TELEPHONE AND E-MAIL SUPPORT TO OUR CUSTOMERS FIVE DAYS A WEEK!.....WE HAVE THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS! PLEASE NOTE: WE ACCEPT VISA MASTERCARD FOR OUR MACHINE SALES. WE HAVE THE WORLDS GREATEST CUSTOMERS! Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Taig DSLS 3000 CNC Mill With DeskProto Software! NICE!

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taig dsls 3000 cnc mill with deskproto software nice



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