Honey a sweet naturally occurring sugar

alternative that is versatile in so many ways. Goya Honey Plain, is simply the thick, syrup like molasses produced by honey bees and the use of sweet flower nectar. The sweetness is formed mostly of two naturally occurring sugars, fructose, and glucose. The Honey bees use the nectar they receive from flowers in order to produce this fine substance and this determines the taste of the honey. It is then stored in the comb in the hive and is later retrieved and drained in order to provide you with this delicious concoction. Once extracted from the comb, the honey is then filtered and jarred for consumption. Goya Honey Plain is great spread on toast, or used as a sugar substitute in tea. Goya Honey Plain is also a great way to add flavoring to your meal ideas. Glaze it on ham, or add to cook with to enhance the flavor of other ingredients. Goya Honey Plain is considered to be a pure product, meaning that there are no additives or sweeteners added to it. Honey also has a nice smell to it and provides a welcoming aroma when added to certain dishes. It has also been noted to help relieve sore throats and coughs by coating the throat when consumed. Goya Honey plain will not ferment if stored properly and will last indefinitely. Try some Goya Honey Plain today!

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Goya Honey Plain 16 oz

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goya honey plain 16 oz



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