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tender green peas, and spicy red bell peppers are just a few of the fine ingredients that you ll find in Goya Mexican Rice Mix. Goya Mexican Rice Mix contains a variety of long grain rice that has been brewed and simmered in a savory chicken based broth. The long grain rice is precooked and then the vegetables are added to it and seasoned accordingly. Goya Mexican Rice also is a combination of onion, garlic and contains tasty morsels of jalapeno pepper. The pepper gives the rice a little bit of kick. Goya Mexican Rice is absolutely delicious and can be served with beef, pork, or chicken. It is quick and convenient to make and doesn t require any prep time. No washing of the vegetables, no peeling, no dishes! Goya Mexican rice mixes up the dinner table a bit and offers a unique and distinctive taste. Goya Mexican Rice won t stick and is packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. Goya Mexican Rice Mix also adds a pretty array of colors at the dinner table and makes for great presentation. Now you can get your grains and your veggies in one single serving. To use Goya Mexican Rice is very simple. Just simply bring water to a boil, add Goya Mexican Rice, reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes and your good to go!

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Goya Mexican Rice Mix 8 oz

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goya mexican rice mix 8 oz



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