Sidral Mundet now with Green Apple

Flavor! Sidral Mundet, well known for its great tasting sparkling apple drink, now comes in a 1.5 liter sized bottle, with a twist and tang! The exciting Sidral Mundet Green Apple flavor! Sidral Mundet apple soda has been popular and well known since the early 1900s and today it is even bigger and better than ever, being one of Mexicos top five export companies. First invented by a gentleman by the name of Don Arturo Mundet, this beverage has grown in popularity and the line has expanded to bring you a variety of choices and options perfect for any event or situation. Sidral Mundet Green Apple soda provides the perfect combination of sweetness accompanied by the tang and sourness of the green apples, to bring you a refreshing combination consisting of the best of both worlds! The balance of the two flavors is amazing! This refreshing soda beverage is a cool green in color and contains naturally occurring sugars and real fruit flavors. The authentic apple taste is second to none and you can tell that the taste is real, it is not phony or artificial. This green, carbonated beverage tastes just like the name says, Green Apple and is made from the concentrate of this delicious variety with just a slight amount of carbonation to give it that nice, bubbly effect. The verdict is in and folk agree that Green Apple is grrreat!

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Sidral Mundet Green Apple Soda 1.5 Lt

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sidral mundet green apple soda 1 5 lt



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