Postobon Red Kola Bottle cola with

a kick! The great taste of Postobon Red Kola original now comes in a 12 ounce sized bottle. Postobon Red Kola is infamous for its distinct fruit flavored base, combined with the great taste and properties of original cola. Postobon Red Kola Bottle is specially formulated to provide a tangy, satisfying soda beverage while leaving a fruity filled formula of flavor that people of all ages enjoy! The sharp flavors of the fruit base are enhanced in a unique way when paired with the flavors and aromas of the base ingredient in the cola which is that of the kola nut. Postobon Red Kola Bottle allows the true flavors of this red fruit drink beverage to be 100% fully tasted as the glass does not affect the flavors of the product. Postobon, a well known beverage company from Colombia, has been providing quality drink products for the public to enjoy for years! They have now become one of the largest and most well known providers from Colombia! Postobon Red Kola Bottle is another true example of their uniqueness and efforts to keep their customers satisfied with variety. Enjoy Postobon Red Kola Bottle at special events, on holidays, or just as an everyday way to stop your thirst! Postobon Red Kola bottle is a sweet, fizzy soda that serves as a great alternative to the regular soda flavors. It is affordable and different, a welcoming change!

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Postobon Red Kola Bottle 12 oz

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postobon red kola bottle 12 oz



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